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  1. Martha Robinson says:

    Very excited about the news of your story being picked up by National Associated Press. It is a beautiful story and so proves the fact that if we just rely on God, He will take care of our needs.

  2. Sammie Barstow says:

    Hello! I love your Web site. I will be visiting it often and looking forward to notices of updates. I’m a writer, so forgive me for also being an editor! Your site is so professionally done and just beautiful, but you need to change a couple of things. “Servant’s” should be “Servants”; “Robinson’s” should be “Robinsons” and “Robertson’s” should be “Robertsons.” The plural form requires no apostrophe. Please don’t think I’m fault-finding. Just changes to make your already wonderful site even more so!

    1. Angelia Angelia says:

      Hi Sammie – Thanks so much for the encouraging words!! I appreciate your help on our grammatical errors!! God Bless!

  3. David Crossfield says:

    I have always wanted to live on a working farm and be self sufficient. When you plant, do you use heritage seeds that can be saved and used again? All I can find are the ones that Monsanto puts out. Do you have llamas? I noticed that you spin. I am assuming that you also weave. Do you have milk goats and do you makes cheese?
    I saw the article in the Tuesday edition of the Birmingham News. I plan to visit your website a lot. David Crossfield

  4. Maudie Smith says:

    Its so neat to see someone so close to my area live this way! God bless you all. My husband and I live in Oxford and we see you all at walmart quite often. We have 6 children and dress modest, but have not been led to wear headcoverings or dress plain. We wear long dresses/skirts and have long hair. We get looks and comments even from our own family, but none are very nice. I just want to say thank you for being who you are! Ive always wanted to speak, but my husband reminds me if how we feel sometimes and I didn’t want to be rude. Next time Ill speak. :c) God bless you all!

    Maudie Smith

    1. Angelia Angelia says:

      Oh Maudie – I do hope you will speak!! I would love to meet you in person.

  5. Mary Ellen Hunt says:

    I have really enjoyed getting to know your family through your web site. It has been very encouraging for me. We also enjoy a plainer life style. God Bless you!

  6. Jim says:


  7. donald wade says:

    Good morning to the Burrell family.I really love your web site. iam planning on putting in a wood burning heater,can you give me advice on the most effecient heater .Thank you and GOD bless.

    1. paul paul says:

      Hi Donald-the most efficient stove will usually be one that has a catalytic element. These cost a bit more but are more efficient. I can suggest a Vermont Castings heater as that is what we use. Ours is the Defiant model but you may not need one that big. I can tell you that their stoves cost more but are very well made. We often burn a fire non-stop for 1-2 weeks during the winter. The ash pan can be dumped without interrupting the fire. I also like the top load feature. It allows you to add wood without stooping down. Our stove is over ten years old and is still in excellent condition. The Defiant can be used with the doors open and a screen so that the fire can be see better. There are options available that you might want to add to your stove. We have enjoyed our shelves and drying racks.
      The stove that claims it is the most efficient (least smoke) is made by Lopi. I am not familiar with them but you might check them out. Hope this helps!

  8. Nyra Lamberth says:

    I found your log today and really enjoyed it. We have many homestead and farm pursuits in common. I would love to receive updates via email.

  9. Melissa says:

    Hello! I stumbled on your website just this week and I have loved reading all the posts. We live in Cullman, Alabama and have 20 acres we are “trying” to farm and just live a simple life. I love simplicity and family… that’s why I love your blog so much! We have so much in common and I look forward to reading future posts!

  10. Stephanie Chappell says:

    My husband and I have been taking steps to a simpler lifestyle for several years. It is so good to find others with the same ideas. We have dreamed of starting a community like this for years.

  11. Magnus says:

    For some reason I stopped receiving your notifications of updates. Would really enjoy getting them again. God bless you all.

    1. paul paul says:

      We’ve had a hack of the add-in on our website that stopped that function. As soon as I can find the proper fix I will restore it. Thank you for your comment!

  12. Carla says:

    Found your website and can’t wait to start reading all the posts.

    1. paul paul says:

      We are glad that you found us!

  13. Brea Houston says:

    Please subscribe me. I bought some sweet potato slips today and found your website when I went online to see if I could plant them in the pile of composted manure we have in our yard. Glad I can!

    Thank you,
    Brea H.

  14. Michele Arellano says:

    Hello, my name is Michele and I was looking up how to plant and take care of sweet potatoes. I stumbled upon your web site and looked at your pictures . I too, would love to have a more simpler life. We just moved to Florida and built a few raised beds and have started some seeds indoors. I’m waiting for a sunny warmer day to plant the green beans and cucumbers being that we just moved in a month ago. I look forward to following your ideas. I also look forward to a simpler life style and learning anything I can to become more self sufficient.
    Thank You for your pictures, articles and web site.
    Have a Blessed Evening!