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Walking like Abraham

You know life is funny. You think you have your life planned out. You think that the path your future will take is so sure. I think back to 2006 when I had just graduated high school. My path was crystal clear. I would find a job for the summer and then start a new part time job in the fall when my college classes would start. I would go to community college for two years before transferring to a large university to finish up my degree to become a meteorologist. Ha thinking about it makes me want to smack myself in the face and laugh at how crazy that sounds now. God had other plans, but like a loving father he was ok with me thinking I could drive … Read entire article »

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WARNING! Water on Road

At the time of this post, tropical storm Lee is in the Gulf of Mexico. The National Weather service has said up to twenty inches of rain may fall over the gulf states and they are warning people about possible flooding. I researched a little and found that Floods kill an average of one hundred and twenty-seven people in the US each year. What is more tragic is the fact that most of those deaths are caused by people driving over flooded roadways and being swept away. Most of the deaths could be prevented. WARNING! Water on Road! How many times have you seen that sign. I don’t live in a flood prone area, however I’ve seen it a few times myself. Sometimes I’ve been puzzled because just a little water … Read entire article »

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Life’s Worklist

The other day my wife and I sat down together and wrote out a list of things we want to finish around our place. After about an hour, we had compiled a list that will last us until next year. Some of the items on that list were big things like building a rabbit shed and others small things like the lights in our house that I need install. Today, thinking on that list I realized something, for some crazy reason the list was the exactly the same size as the one we made over a year ago. Even as time has passed and our tasks were slowly finished, more projects were added. As big things were accomplished and we took a break, our mind would get working on the … Read entire article »

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