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PreparingTo Do A Unit Study

A man’s heart deviseth the way, but the Lord directeth his steps.   Proverbs 16:9 Begin with determining your topic then:   Determine Your Time Amount   Set Your Goals (What you want the children to learn.)           Scope and Sequence           Educational Standards           Textbook Indexes   Devise Your Plan           Books To Read   Vocabulary Lists           Creative Writing Assignments           Places To Visit           Activities/Crafts           Method of Record (Notebooking)           Evaluation   Do A Resource Search           In Your Home           Library           Internet           Friends/Relatives   Document your plan and then begin.   Make sure that you keep account of ALL the … Read entire article »

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This was discovered in a Junior High School book from 1929 – very interesting! 1.  To be on time to all meals if possible. 2.  To notify her mother if she will be detained longer than she expected to be. 3.  To help any member of the family. 4.  To care for her own room. 5.  To obey her mother and father. 6.  To be responsible for taking care of younger children. 7.  To be able to start a meal if her mother is not at home. 8.  To be cautious, so that her mother can trust her to take care of herself. 9.   To keep her mother from worrying as much as possible. 10.  To be cheerful in order to keep up the spirits of the whole family. 11.  To be trustworthy. 12.  To uphold the family honor. 13.  To make the … Read entire article »

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Delayed Mother’s Day – Or Was It?

   It is now 9:00 pm on Mother’s Day.  We have spent the last three days at a heritage festival in Springville, Alabama at Homestead Hollow.  It is one of those childhood dreams of mine that the Lord has brought to life, to share heritage skills with others in a beautiful historical setting.   Our entire family demonstrates different skills of the past and of our “present”.  Paul shears the sheep and makes lye soap.  I cook on the hearth in the cookhouse and spin wool. Haley spins wool.  Sarah helps with dipping candles the traditional way in an old iron pot over a fire.   Erin helps with making the soap and sometimes blacksmithing and Olivia churns butter and gets it ready to serve to the visitors.  But this weekend was Mother’s Day weekend.  … Read entire article »

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Olivia’s Victory

 Good Monday Morning Everyone!    Paulwas reading in the newspaper yesterday that our meteorologists are not expecting any real rain for the next two months.  They said all we will get is those possible “popcorn” thunderstorms in the late afternoon.  Of course in that we might get 10 minutes of heavy downpour that runs off too quickly to be absorbed.  But as I have mentioned before this keeps our focus on THE Source and we trust in Him and not in the weather patterns nor in the meteorologists.  He knows our need and He will provide no matter how the circumstances look. This morning we were out at5:30adding a partition to our turkey pen.  We have 13 young turkeys that have been in the turkey/chicken tractor and needed to go into the … Read entire article »

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Momma, I’m Bored!

 Have you ever heard these words before?  If you are a mother of a child that is old enough to communicate you probably have.  And of course, it isn’t just the statement of the word “bored” it is the multi-syllabic dragging out of the word “bored” that really makes every nerve in the body just quiver.  Am I right?  Yep, I am right!  Our girls are grown now and they have learned how to spend their time in useful and productive ways. Instead of always being dependent on their mother’s agenda for the day they have established their own plans of action.  This is truly the reward I find to spending those younger years teaching them that every moment is precious and nothing that is past can be regained as far … Read entire article »

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Revenge Parenting

 Over my many years of raising children, now being a grandmother and also being administrator over many, many homeschool families through the years, I feel I have at least a small amount of experience through which I have seen many types of parenting.  One of these is “revenge parenting” and I want to address this because it is very concerning to me.   For the most part, children come into a family because of love.  A desire to become one is what the marriage concept is all about; uniting together to become one.  And the fruit of that oneness is the joining together and creation of a new being – a child.  Even for parents who are physically unable, for whatever reason, to produce a child from their own bodies, there is the … Read entire article »

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Mother’s Day 2009

 Just wanted to share the blessings that my family gave me for Mother’s Day 2009.  Needless to day – they are the greatest blessings of my life!!!  The celebration began on Monday – Haley and Sarah went to Opelika to an antique shop that Haley has been wanting to visit.  When they got home she brought me her gift for Mother’s Day.  She is like me, if I have something to give someone I have trouble waiting.    It is an antique spinning wheel box.  I am doing some research on it to see how to use it – an intriguing mystery.  Some websites call them yarn winders but I am not sure.  How fun!  Then on Saturday  I received in the mail two lovely cards.  The first from Naomi, Jacob, Natalie and … Read entire article »

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