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Fresh Cranberry Sauce

Fresh Cranberry Sauce

Fresh Cranberry Sauce 4 cups of Cranberries 1 Orange 1 Apple (optional) 1/2 to 1 cup sugar or splenda (depending on taste) This has been a Burrell family favorite for years! It is super easy to make and the taste of the fresh berries really puts the canned jelly to shame. I decided to add the apple for a new flavor element and I am really pleased with result. Toss all ingredients into a blender or food processor. Add a little … Read entire article »

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Birdhouses For Sale

Birdhouses For Sale

  Paul has made some beautiful birdhouses for sale.  The larger style is $20 and the smaller ones are $15.00.  Each birdhouse is a proven design that the birds LOVE!!!  Each birdhouse is constructed with an easy clean-out door as well.  Please include your address with your order so that we can figure your shipping costs.  Thank you and God Bless!!! … Read entire article »

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PreparingTo Do A Unit Study

A man’s heart deviseth the way, but the Lord directeth his steps.   Proverbs 16:9 Begin with determining your topic then:   Determine Your Time Amount   Set Your Goals (What you want the children to learn.)           Scope and Sequence           Educational Standards           Textbook Indexes   Devise Your Plan           Books To Read   Vocabulary Lists           Creative Writing Assignments           Places To Visit           Activities/Crafts           Method of Record (Notebooking)           Evaluation   Do A Resource Search           In Your Home           Library           Internet           Friends/Relatives   Document your plan and then begin.   Make sure that you keep account of ALL the … Read entire article »

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Powergrams Article

Powergrams Article

Just wanted to share that Shepherds Hill has been featured in the Powergrams newsletter for Alabama Power Company.  We are very honored and blessed to have this opportunity to share a small part of our lives with others!       … Read entire article »

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Torah Torah Torah Video

Here is the video message in 3 parts!     … Read entire article »

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Solar Oven Video

Here is a video we made about the solar oven we use here at Shepherd’s Hill Homestead!   Hope you enjoy it! Leave comments and questions!   … Read entire article »

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Wildflowers and Wild Herbs at Shepherds Hill

Wildflowers and Wild Herbs at Shepherds Hill

 We live in an abundantly blessed area for wild herbs and wildflowers.  I am just beginning to add them to this page and will continue for a long while.  Eventually I will separate the categories and if there are medicinal or culinary uses for the different ones I will add that information too.  This will be an ongoing process, since I want to add pics of each plant in each season so that it will be easier … Read entire article »

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WARNING! Water on Road

At the time of this post, tropical storm Lee is in the Gulf of Mexico. The National Weather service has said up to twenty inches of rain may fall over the gulf states and they are warning people about possible flooding. I researched a little and found that Floods kill an average of one hundred and twenty-seven people in the US each year. What is more tragic is the fact that most of those deaths are caused by people driving over flooded roadways and being swept away. Most of the deaths could be prevented. WARNING! Water on Road! How many times have you seen that sign. I don’t live in a flood prone area, however I’ve seen it a few times myself. Sometimes I’ve been puzzled because just a little water … Read entire article »

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Early Morning Praise Report

It is 6:47am and Andy has already left for work. I have a load of clothes going so I can get them out before the heat gets here. Our rooster is crowing – he is reminding me that the day has already started. My grocery list is ready for the outing to Heflin where I will run some errands and spend some time having lunch with Andy 🙂 Today’s to-do’s: Bible reading, Laundry, Chickens, bedroom, clean up my sewing area, diapers, wash the refrigerator, clean out the cabinet above the washer….. In this early morning, the quietest part of the day, I am running though all of my blessings! The thankfulness in my heart for the Savior caring enough for me that all my needs are met! We have a home, cars, … Read entire article »

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Homesteader’s Weekend 2012?

Shepherd’s Hill Followers – We are planning on arranging another Homesteader’s Weekend in the Spring of 2012. However, we must have enough interest to start the planning process. Homesteader’s Weekend is a  3 day weekend featuring “How To’s” on different homesteading skills. Some of the topics covered include: Blacksmithing Basket Making Beekeeping Gardening Soap Making Lots More! There will be a fee charged for attending. This fee will cover meals and supplies for classes. There will also be camping spots available for tents. The biggest part of the Shepherd’s Hill Homestead’s Weekend is the Christian Fellowship! We have morning devotions together, breaks during the day for fellowship and plenty of time for worship at night! We want Christ to remain the center focus during these events! If you are interested in attending this 3 day weekend event, please email us … Read entire article »

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A Scripture For Today

A Scripture For Today

Okay, ever have something happen that leaves you going “whaa……?” This morning, Mom asked if we could each pick one day a week to be responsible for posting the “Scripture for Today” on our homepage (front page, middle right-hand side). So, since Friday seemed as good a time as any, I sat down to search out the verse I might use. My bible was close at hand (the left side of my desk is home sweet home, when it’s … Read entire article »

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This was discovered in a Junior High School book from 1929 – very interesting! 1.  To be on time to all meals if possible. 2.  To notify her mother if she will be detained longer than she expected to be. 3.  To help any member of the family. 4.  To care for her own room. 5.  To obey her mother and father. 6.  To be responsible for taking care of younger children. 7.  To be able to start a meal if her mother is not at home. 8.  To be cautious, so that her mother can trust her to take care of herself. 9.   To keep her mother from worrying as much as possible. 10.  To be cheerful in order to keep up the spirits of the whole family. 11.  To be trustworthy. 12.  To uphold the family honor. 13.  To make the … Read entire article »

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Make A Quilt

Make A Quilt

  Log Cabin Wall Hanging Quilt Basics of Quilting One of my FAVORITE ways to spend an afternoon is to quilt! It is such a soothing, satisfying work.  Quilting has been around for centuries and was born from practical need. Truly making a quilting is just constructing a fabric sandwich.  You need a top (this is the part that is usually pieced in pretty designs), a middle of batting, and a bottom (a solid piece of fabric).  Once you … Read entire article »

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Shepherding the Flock

Shepherding the Flock    This article is a long time in the making. I’ve wanted to relate what we’ve learned with sheep for a long time, but the Spirit wasn’t finished. Now, I pray, He is. I am writing this for two groups; those who are interested in sheep, and the pastors who spiritually shepherd a flock.    As the scripture gives many references comparing us to sheep, all of us in the “Good Shepherd’s” flock can … Read entire article »

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Getting Started

 Pray first!  Ask God what His plan is. Oftentimes we really don’t want to know what God’s plan is, we just want Him to confirm our plans!!  Big mistake. God does not argue nor explain.  He is ALL wise, ALL-powerful, ALL knowing.  He doesn’t need a plan B.  So, wouldn’t it make sense to ask Him what He wants instead of TELLING Him what you want?  Paul and I went through long hours of prayer and searching the scripture.  We began to see that the success the world portrayed was not success at all.  Large home, new car, new fashionable clothing, the newest electronic equipment, children in every activity possible, nice fat bank account, membership in the largest, most active church in the community – this was the worldly Christian success – … Read entire article »

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Christians and Television

   I am amazed at what Christians allow in their lives, only to wonder why they suffer so much temptation. I guess I shouldn’t be too amazed since I used to do these things too! I’m talking about television and worldly entertainment. We all know that we are to be separated from the world. We just don’t always know what we are supposed to be separated from. Most Christians use the democratic process in what they allow in their lives. If most people are doing it, they figure it must be right. Today, I want you to reconsider how you live.    We began studying stable Christian groups a few years ago, seeing that much of what we had built our lives on wasn’t Christ. Angie and I wanted our home … Read entire article »

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Different Results come from Different Actions

   I had to stop this evening and write this. It’s burning a hole in my soul like money used to do in my pocket when I was younger. I’ve had a long day that ended with shearing one of the rams. He was in bad need of shearing and I could not put it off any longer. Just like this article.    We continue to get two responses from people regarding our family. I don’t understand why there is no logic in figuring out that we live differently for a reason. Whenever new people meet us for the first time they notice that our children are not like other children. They make statements like “I can’t believe that she’s so mature”, “my child would not have responded like your child … Read entire article »

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    Let me begin by saying that Angie and I were not raised as “plain-dressed” Christians but were mainstream, modern and denominational in every way. I was saved in a Baptist church and later went to a Pentecostal church. Angie was born Catholic and later saved in a Baptist church. After that, she went to a Charismatic church. Within the last five years, we’ve become saddened at the worldliness of churches.      We began to study what the early church did and we also studied stable, devout Christian denominations. We decided that we would back away from all the teaching that we’d had and see what God’s Word had to say. After all, we’d been taught so many different things. We figured the Holy Spirit would lead us into truth through … Read entire article »

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Meat Ye Know Not Of

             Hello to all who walk under the name of the Lord JesusChrist. We are going to look at the Word concerning Fasting. Please turn with me to Acts chapter 10. Here we find the historical account of how God opened up the gospel to others besides the Jews. Up until this point, the early church was going by what they perceived as total truth. The message was only given at Jewish Synagogues and to the Hebrew people. There was a man at this time named Cornelius who was a Gentile. He sought God through righteous living. In verse 2, it says he prayed to God always. We know that there is power in prayer. Today I want to focus on another attribute of righteousness that Cornelius practiced; the act … Read entire article »

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No Passion, No Lord and No Chronicles

   Isn’t it amazing how animals follow someone who has food, even if the food isn’t good for them? Take our sheep for example. Every time I walk into the field with an item, they always assume it’s for them. They get sweet feed regularly in the winter and even if they’ve already had it for the day, they want more. If we try and get a few feed sacks of chicken feed to the barn stall where we store it, they will knock you down to tear into it. It doesn’t matter that the food isn’t for them. All they know is that the package looks like sweet feed.    One day, I was walking around the field that the sheep were in. I opened a bag and started poisoning … Read entire article »

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