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Early Morning Praise Report

It is 6:47am and Andy has already left for work. I have a load of clothes going so I can get them out before the heat gets here. Our rooster is crowing – he is reminding me that the day has already started. My grocery list is ready for the outing to Heflin where I will run some errands and spend some time having lunch with Andy 🙂 Today’s to-do’s: Bible reading, Laundry, Chickens, bedroom, clean up my sewing area, diapers, wash the refrigerator, clean out the cabinet above the washer….. In this early morning, the quietest part of the day, I am running though all of my blessings! The thankfulness in my heart for the Savior caring enough for me that all my needs are met! We have a home, cars, … Read entire article »

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I Know, But I Wanted Too!

 Those words have been said so many times here in our home lately but just this afternoon did they strike me as to their meaning.  Paul fed and watered the piggies for me this morning and I said, “Oh, Honey, thank you!  You didn’t have to do that!!”  And Paul said, “I know, but I wanted too!”  I brought him a cup of coffee to his blacksmith shop and he said to me, “Thank you sweetie, but you didn’t have to do that!” My response, “Well, I wanted too!”  So often we do things out of shear love and appreciation that are not required of us.  We just need to express our hearts and words seem to be completely inadequate.  Have you noticed that the most satisfying way to show your … Read entire article »

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Drink Lots of Water

This past couple of weeks I have had an attack on my body from the devil.  It has caused much pain, weakness and concern. Just as I thought I was over the problem, it reared up again and I was once again battling it.  But the Lord is working all things together for my God and He is my Jehovah Jireh, my provider and His Grace is more than sufficient for me.  I am feeling better.  In the process of all of this I had quite a few medications to take – and as I HATE to take any kind of chemical remedy – I read and reread all the information about each one.  One thing was very evident on several of the medications and that was that I had to … Read entire article »

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