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Sermon of the Axe

I’ve been on an axe binge lately. I’ve made several tomahawks/hatchets and my current project is a double bladed axe I’ve been commissioned to forge. While forging towel holders and camping tripods is good, there is just something incredible about forging an axe from start to finish. Taking a piece of scrap metal and bringing forth a strong useable tool. I thought I would go through the process the best I can using text and try to bring the significance to anyone reading with a quick walkthrough. First, I gather my materials: a 10″x2″ piece of steel(I like using old lawnmower blades and a piece of high carbon steel for the edge(piece of old file). Once my materials are ready, I get my forge burning hot and clean. After the old … Read entire article »

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Blacksmithing a rose-video

A short clip of working a rose   … Read entire article »

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The Blacksmith Shop

The Blacksmith Shop

  I started blacksmithing not too long before Erin and I were married. After we were married I began working on my own forge. I started off first with a brake drum forge, but quickly realized that I couldn’t do what I wanted to do with it, so over the winter and spring I began working on another forge. I finished it in May. In this post I will go over the basic things needed to … Read entire article »

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       Blacksmithing is an ancient and fascinating art. It is not easily learned, but good results can be obtained early in your tries. I am amazed at the spiritual lessons that the LORD gives me as I hammer out the steel. Anytime the Bible mentions fire, it has a spiritual reference to judgement. Many scriptures refer to fire as being purifying. Before the steel is put in the forge, it can be rusted, dirty and of little value.      Once in the fire, the cleansing process takes place. The once hard steel, becomes pliable under the hammer and can be shaped into a usuable object. It is “tested” or “proved”. Other metals that are brought to a melting point are purified (see Numbers 31:23). Our lives go through testing, or through the … Read entire article »

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