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So Small but So Big

   It’ Sunday afternoon and I’m sitting at my desk. On the other side of the door is a room full of ladies who have come to celebrate new life. There is a baby shower today for Erin and Andy’s new son who is due to arrive in less than a month. Babies are tiny things who come into this world in a big way. For the nine months before they show up there is much to do from friends and family. The noise shows that excitement is here!      This won’t be our first grandbaby. In fact, it will be our fifth. And still there is excitement at this new life. I wonder about him and what trials he will go through. I wonder what he will experience in life … Read entire article »

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I don’t like Change

Did you ever notice how many changes there are in life? Well, the only thing that is sure in this world is change. Just when i get comfortable shoes i seem to wear them out and need more. I always resist change. We have been on the same website and email for ten years now. When we started we were the only Shepherds Hill in a worldwide search. Now, there are sub-divisions in Australia, youth camps and others that show up in the search. We recently made the change and obtained our own domain to better identify who we are and to give more versatility with photographs. I hope those who have been following us for years (friends and lurkers alike) will be able to find our new site. What … Read entire article »

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