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English Pea Salad

1 can Tiny English peas 2 hard boiled eggs 1 tablespoon salad pickles, drained ¼ cup mayonnaise 1 tsp. paprika Dash of salt   Mix well together and chill. Serves 6. … Read entire article »

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Pumpkin Pie Spice

Ingredients 4  teaspoons cinnamon 2  teaspoons ginger, ground 1 teaspoon allspice 1 teaspoon nutmeg, ground   Mix thoroughly and store in an airtight container … Read entire article »

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Poultry Seasoning

1  tablespoon rosemary 1  tablespoon oregano 1  teaspoon sage 1  tablespoon marjoram 1  tablespoon thyme 1  teaspoon pepper   Mix thoroughly and store in air tight container … Read entire article »

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Sweet Potato Casserole

6 cups mashed sweet potatoes 1 cup brown sugar 1 cup melted butter 1 Tablespoon Grated Orange rind 1 teaspoon ground cinnamon ½ teaspoon ground nutmeg 4 eggs, lightly beaten 1 cup evaporated milk Combine ingredients and pour into a buttered casserole dish. Topping: 1/2 cup brown sugar 1/3 cup flour 1/3 cup melted butter 1 cup chopped pecans Mix remaining ingredients together and sprinkle over top. Bake at 350° for 30 to 40 minutes, until hot and browned. Optional – we add mini marshmallows on the top for the last 10 minutes. … Read entire article »

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Giblet Gravy

3 Boiled Eggs Cooked Giblets from Turkey Turkey Drippings and additional Broth (can be chicken broth) Salt and Pepper Cornstarch Boil the neck, heart and gizzard from the turkey with onion and a couple of stalks of celery for about an hour or 2.  Add liver in the final 30 minutes and cook till done.  Remove meat from the neck and chop with the organ meats.  (Remove celery from broth and discard.  I usually add this broth to my dressing.) Take the drippings from the turkey and set aside to cool.  The fat will rise to the top as it cools and you can skim that off.  Pour your remaining broth into a pan and add additional broth to amount you desire.  Heat over medium low heat but do not boil. In a separate bowl or measuring … Read entire article »

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Cheese Ball

2 pkgs Cream Cheese 1 lb Sharp Cheddar Cheese 1 lb Medium Cheddar Cheese 1 lb Mild Cheddar Cheese 1/2 tsp Garlic Salt 1 tsp Lemon Juice 1/2 cup drained Crushed Pineapple Chopped Pecans Mix everything together and then into a ball with your hands, except for nuts.  Put chopped nuts in a pie plate and roll the ball in the nuts.  Keep refrigerated until 30 minutes before serving.  Serve with crackers. … Read entire article »

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Cinnamon and Applesauce Ornaments

3/4 cup applesauce 1 bottle ground cinnamon  (4.12 ounces) 1.  Mix applesauce and cinnamon with hands in a small bowl until a smooth ball of dough is formed. 2.  Using about 1/4 of the dough at a time, roll dough to 1/4-inch to 1/3-inch thickness between two sheets of plastic wrap.  Peel off top sheet of plastic wrap and cut dough with cookie cutters.  Make a hole in top of ornament with drinking straw. 3.  Place ornaments on a baking sheet and bake at 200°F for 2 1/2 hours; place on rack to cool.  Or carefully lay ornaments flat on rack to dry at room temperature 1-2 days or until thoroughly dry, turning occasionally. … Read entire article »

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Passover/Communion Bread

Passover/Communion Bread

Ingredients: 4 cups freshly ground whole wheat pastry flour 1 1/2 teaspoons sea salt 3 tablespoons real butter 2 tablespoons oil mixed in 1 cup water Directions: Sift flour and measure. Add salt, sift again, or stir thoroughly (in a food processor, if available). Cut butter into small pieces and add to flour after each cut (or cut in with a pastry cutter). Add oil and water to flour (while running processor). Mix until it forms a ball of dough that … Read entire article »

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Brown Sugar

1 cup sugar 2 tablespoons molasses. Mix ingredients together well and start using in recipes. This makes one cup of brown sugar. *This was sent to me by one of our readers.  Thanks Anna … Read entire article »

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3 egg yolks, slightly beaten 3 TBSPS water 1/2 tsp salt Mix these together – Add about 1 1/2 cups flour – I use Pasta flour (Semolina) but you can use regular flour. This will make a stiff dough but it shouldn’t be crumbly.  Add a touch more water if it is.  Knead this a couple of times and divide into two pieces.  Flatten a little bit and let dry a little bit – 10 to 15 minutes is enough.   If you have a pasta cutter use it per the instructions, if not, here is how to make the noodles.  Roll the dough out as thin as you can and still be able to handle it. Dust with just a little flour and fold the dough repeatedly until you have a nice little packet.  Use … Read entire article »

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Granola Bars

Granola Bars 3 ½ cups oats, toasted (not instant oats) 1 cup nuts 1 cup raisins 2/3 cup melted butter ½ cup packed brown sugar 1/3 cup honey ½ teaspoon salt ½ teaspoon vanilla Toast oats in the oven on a large cookie sheet. Bake at 350 degrees for about 15 minutes. Mix all the ingredients together, including toasted oats in a large bowl with a wooden spoon.  Press into a well greased 13 x 9 inch baking pan.  Bake at 350 for 15 minutes.  Cool and then cut into bars.  Don’t cut while they are warm or they will fall apart.   I sometimes add a ½ cup of coconut or chocolate chips. … Read entire article »

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Easy pound cake

1 Lb. Butter  (4 sticks)                         ½ tsp. salt 3 c. sugar                                            1 c. milk 9 eggs                                                 1 tsp. vanilla 4 c. flour, sifted                                  1 tsp. almond flavoring 1 tsp. baking powder Cream butter and sugar together until light and fluffy. Add eggs, one at a time, beating well after each addition. Sift flour, baking powder and salt together; add to butter mixture alternately with milk. Mix well. Stir in flavorings; pour batter into two small greased and floured tube pans (I prefer using a bunt cake pan, because it is much prettier). Bake at 350 degrees for about 45 minutes or until cake tests done. Let cool for about 10 minutes before removing from pans. … Read entire article »

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Rachel’s Blueberry Cake

Cake: 4 eggs                           2 c sugar 3/4 c oil                        3 c self-rising flour 1 Tblsp vanilla              2 1/2 cup blueberries Dust blueberries with 1/2 cup flour.  Beat eggs. Add sugar, then oil.  Add remaining 2 1/2 cups flour. Sir in blueberries. Bake in greased pan at 350 degrees about 40 minutes or  til done.  Cool completely. Note: I personally think this cake needs a little milk (maybe try 1/2 cup). Icing: 1-8 oz pkg. cream cheese          1/2 cup sugar 1/2 cup powdered sugar 12 oz whipping cream (the recipe called for 1-12oz tub coolwhip – I don’t usually use cool whip) Beat cream cheese add sugars and beat well.  Whip your whipping cream til nice a firm then add to cream cheese and beat until well combined.  Ice cooled cake and then refrigerate shortly to firm up icing. ( Like I said I made a little “well” in the center of the cake … Read entire article »

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Crunchy Peanut Butter Balls

4 tablespoons margarine                       2 cups graham cracker crumbs 2 cups chunky peanut butter                  2 cups powdered sugar 1 (12 oz) package chocolate chips        ¼ bar paraffin wax   Mix together thoroughly margarine, graham cracker crumbs, peanut butter and sugar.  Shape into balls.  Refrigerate overnight or until thoroughly chilled.  In double boiler, melt chocolate chips with paraffin.  Keep over hot water while working.  Be careful not to let water boil over into chocolate. Using tongs or fork dip one at a time into chocolate;  cool on wax paper.  Refrigerate in container. … Read entire article »

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Mounds Cake

Ingredients: 1 c. all purpose flour 1 c. self rising flour 5 eggs 2 tsp. vanilla 2 c. sugar 1 c. shortening 1 c. milk Directions: Preheat oven to 350 degrees. Cream together 2 cups sugar and 1 cup shortening. Beat in eggs 1 at a time. Sift the flour together. Add to the sugar mixture, alternating with the cup of milk. Stir in vanilla. Pour into 3 greased and floured cake pans. Bake for 30 to 35 minutes. Filling: 1 pound grated coconut 12 large marshmallows 1cup milk 1 cup granulated sugar 1 teaspoon vanilla Mix milk and sugar in a saucepan.  Bring to a boil.  Add coconut and marshmallows; cook over medium heat. Stir and boil for 5 minutes.  Stir in vanilla.  Spread between cake layers while they are still hot. Fudge Frosting: 1/2 cup butter or margarine 1/3 cup milk 1/4 cup cocoa 1 (1 lb) package powdered sugar 1 tsp vanilla Melt butter … Read entire article »

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Chewy Oatmeal Raisin Cookies

 3/4 c. shortening 1 1/3 c. brown sugar 1/2 tsp. salt 1/4 tsp. nutmeg 1 tsp. vanilla 1 tsp. cinnamon 3/4 tsp. baking soda 2 eggs 1 c. raisins 2 c. oatmeal 1 1/3 c. flour Cream shortening and brown sugar. Add salt, nutmeg, vanilla, cinnamon, and baking soda; mix well. Mix in eggs. Add raisins, oatmeal, and flour. Mix well. Bake at 350 degrees for 12-15 minutes.  Haley Notes ***Sometimes I have to add a little extra flour. And make sure you pull them out before they look crispy brown on top or they will be hard as a brick. … Read entire article »

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Splenda Cheesecake

(Doesn’t taste diabetic!!!) Crust: 1 ¼ cups graham cracker crumbs 3 tblsps  of melted butter Filling: 3 (8oz) pkgs Cream Cheese (you can use fat free) ¼ cup Splenda –Granulated 4 eggs 1 pinch of salt Directions: 1. Sit cream cheese out and allow to soften. 2. Preheat oven to 350 degrees F. Spray 9’’ springform pan with spray. ***Note –I like to put wax paper on the bottom of my pan, because I usually transfer the cake to a serving plate. Just make sure to press paper down before closing the clasp on the pan, because paper will tear. 3.  Combine cracker crumbs and melted butter, stir with fork. Press on bottom of pan and up sides. 4.  Bake 10 minutes. Allow to cool while preparing other ingredients. 5.  Beat cream cheese and Splenda. 6.  Add eggs one at a time. Add Salt. 7.  Pour/scoop mixture onto crust. Smooth out to sides. … Read entire article »

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Haley’s Best Ever Brownies

1 cup butter, melted 3 cups white sugar 1 tablespoon vanilla extract 4 eggs 1 1/2 cups all-purpose flour 1 cup unsweetened cocoa powder 1 teaspoon salt 1 cup semisweet chocolate chips Instructions Preheat oven to 350 degrees F. Lightly grease a 9×13 baking dish. Combine the melted butter, sugar, and vanilla in a large bowl. Beat in the eggs, one at a time, mixing well after each, until thoroughly blended. Sift together the flour, cocoa powder, and salt. Gradually stir the flour mixture into the chocolate mixture until blended. Stir in the chocolate morsels. Spread the batter evenly into the prepared baking dish. Bake in preheated oven for 35 to 40 minutes.  To test for doneness insert toothpick and it should come out clean. Let pan cool on rack before cutting. … Read entire article »

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Classic Divinity

2-½ cups sugar ½ cup water ½ cup light corn syrup 2 egg whites 1 tsp vanilla extract 1 cup chopped pecans, toasted (optional)  Directions: Combine first 3 ingredients in a saucepan, and cook over low heat, stirring constantly, until sugar dissolves. Cover and cook over medium heat 2 to 3 minutes to wash down sugar crystals from sides of pan. Uncover and cook over medium heat, without stirring, to hardball stage or until candy thermometer registers 260*. Remove from heat. Beat egg whites in a large mixing bowl at high speed with an electric mixer until stiff peaks form. Pour hot sugar mixture in a heavy stream over beaten egg whites while beating just until mixture holds its shape. Stir in pecans. Working quickly, drop divinity by rounded teaspoonfuls onto wax paper; cool. Peel from wax paper. *Divinity will only … Read entire article »

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Old-Fashioned Sugar Cookies

3 cups flour 1 cup sugar 1 1/2 tsp. baking powder 1/2 tsp. salt 1 cup butter, softened 1 egg 2 tbsp milk 1 1/2 tsp. vanilla Mix butter, flour, sugar, baking powder and salt together. Beat egg with milk and vanilla. Add to flour mixture. Roll into a ball and wrap between wax paper and chill for at least 1 hour. When ready to make your cookies, roll a handful of dough between 2 floured sheets of wax paper. Bake at 350° for 5-7 minutes. *I have to bake a little longer in my oven – you want the cookies to be firm but not brown. … Read entire article »

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