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Wood Heated Shower House

Warning!!! When building a water heating system always use relief valves. These open up if the pressure goes above a preset amount of if the water climbs higher than a certain temperature. Don’t operate any type water heating system without them! From time to time we hold events here at out farm in which we have classes. These classes are on heritage crafts and farm techniques. Several years ago we decided that there was more information than we could share in one day so we expanded the classes to two and three day events. Along with that change we received feedback that many people wanted to camp here to save expenses. We began to create facilities here to accommodate them and one of the things we needed was a shower. I … Read entire article »

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Solar Oven Video

Here is a video we made about the solar oven we use here at Shepherd’s Hill Homestead!   Hope you enjoy it! Leave comments and questions!   … Read entire article »

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Build A Solar Oven

Here are pictures of building our solar oven: [nggallery id=17]   … Read entire article »

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Homesteading Tools, Equipment, Books, Etc

Here is the basic (I mean really Basic) list that we came up with.  Please do share your own ideas.   It might just be something that pops into your head or something that you have felt you needed to get.  To be honest I need to spend more time on it because it is really lacking in so many areas.  The clothing list originally came from my friend Lori but we have added to it a bit. First I will start with some books that have been invaluable to us.  I have shelves full of BOOKS but these are the most used and complete: CarlaEmory’s Encyclopedia of Country Living ***** Excellent Resource Reader’s Digest “Back to Basics” Garden Way’s “The Joy of Gardening” by Dick Raymond The Self-Sufficient Life and How to Live It … Read entire article »

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