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What’s for Dinner?


There is a scripture passage that I was thinking about this week. It is in Proverbs 23.  Please turn with me to this chapter. Verses 1 through 8 are speaking in terms of eating, food and appetites. I enjoy the analogy of this as it makes a lot of sense. As always, let us break it down into manageable bites (no pun intended) so that we can digest it properly (ok, maybe some pun there).

You know, there is nothing more satisfying at the end of the day than a good, hearty meal. My beautiful wife always has two things for me as I come home. First, as I get out of the car she comes to me (usually barefoot) and greets me. The second thing she does is that she always has my supper ready. I don’t know what I have done to this day to deserve all of this but I know that God loves me!

I eat a light lunch and by the time I get home I am really hungry. All the way home I get hungrier and sometimes she tells me what she has made. Just to get some of her beef and barley stew or cornbread is beyond anything I could ever look for in a restaurant. It’s my appetite that gives me away! I have a weakness for her hugs and her cooking! I suppose its good that Angie is such a Godly woman because if she were evil she could sure lead me astray! J

Solomon knew about weaknesses. He had 700 wives and 300 concubines. He gave in to evil women and was misled by them. Here is his wisdom in verses 1 and 2. The first verse gives us the situation; when you sit before a ruler. Here is someone who has power over you, or at least the potential for having power over you. It can be an authority figure but also can be someone that you give precedence in your life such as a close friend.

Verse two is sometimes misquoted as being its own verse. Please note the word and that starts this. It indicates the continuation of verse one. Consider diligently what is on the table before you and if you are given to appetite put a knife to your throat. The next verse makes it even clearer. Don’t long for what is there because they are there to lead you astray. When you sit down before someone and they offer you something they might possibly be trying to persuade you.

Have your ever seen a car dealership offer you $100 to just test drive one of their cars? That’s because they know that a large percentage of people who test drive cars end up buying them. Other sales people do similar things to get you hooked. If you can be snared in by your appetite for something you could lose much. Have you ever considered what people give in to? Look at what is happening this time of the year every year. Right now, many have gained weight through the holidays and have made resolutions to drop the pounds. They are willing to buy any diet plan, program or contraption that promises them they can do it. So they are weak regarding their wants. The truth is that they were probably weak to start with since they did gain the weight during the holidays! If you have an appetite that you can’t control you will be prone to failure. That’s right; the devil will always see you coming when you are weak. Maybe you don’t have a problem resisting food. Perhaps money is your weakness. Look at verses 4 and 5. Solomon is talking about money here. He gives the temporary nature of money; here today and gone tomorrow.

This is all so easy to see when it is put before you. But why are people mislead? Why have there been so many of us who fall for stupid things and regret it after we do? We allow ourselves to create our own appetites for things. It starts with a thought. When we allow a thought to come in as to how good money would make you feel, how nice it would be to be married to another woman or how satisfying that alcohol will be we are lead astray by our own mind. James 1:14 says that every man is tempted when he is drawn away of his own lust or desires.

A popular comedian of the seventies, Flip Wilson, had a quote he was famous for “the devil made me do it”. This was used by people to give excuses when they had done wrong. The motto of our society seems to be “It’s not my fault”. You and I have heard of murderers who weren’t at fault because they were victims of their environments. But here James shows us that we are lead astray because we gave in to desire. James 1:15 shows the progression of failure. Lust is conceived (a deliberate act) and then becomes sin. Sin grows and the end result is death.

It’s all because we could not stop the appetite at the beginning. We sometimes refer to it as curbing our appetite. Ponder that for a moment. When we are trying to not eat as much so we can lose weight we do something else to curb our appetite. It might be chewing an apple, drinking water or something else. We must replace the bad appetite with something good or at least better. That way we won’t be given to our weakness.

Now return to Proverbs 23 and let’s see verse 6. Solomon says to not partake of the bread of the one who has an evil eye. Jesus said that the eye was the gateway to a man’s soul. Solomon is obviously not talking about an external thing but the internal character of someone who is leading us astray. More confirmation is in the next verse. He wants you to take (eat and drink) but his heart is not with you. He is obviously not out to help you but rather to use you. Finally, we see the end result in verse 8. This is the same thing as what James says in chapter 1 of his letter. Sin becomes death.

At this point you have either gotten hold of real revelation and are already applying it to your life or you have seen this as simple scripture that is beneath what you need to hear. Friend, stop for a moment and think about why people fall. It’s usually not the brother new to Christ, but the mature Christian who feels like he has it all together. David didn’t fall with Bathsheba while he was running from Saul. It was after he became King and all his battles were being fought by other people.

Immature people don’t get invited to visit rulers (v 1). We all have weaknesses. What is yours? Is money your weakness? Is it lust or power? Perhaps you have a weakness for laziness. Maybe you just don’t care one way or the other and apathy is your downfall. Verse 8 sure gives a graphic display of failure, doesn’t it?

There is a phrase that the world uses pertaining to health. It says, “you are what you eat”. I like that. Just as it is true for our health it is also true for our spirit man. Whatever things we take in to our spirit feed our spirit. Whatever things we take into our flesh feed our flesh.

Follow me to Colossians chapter 3. Paul gives us a new way of walking. It’s as if we have a trainer who is going to help us change our unhealthy body from sickly to healthy. It takes discipline. It is not easy. But God has provided the nutrition that we need. I am going to leave this chapter with you for your own study to see what we are supposed to develop an appetite for and what we are supposed to curb.

You see, there is a way that we can eat that gives us health and one that gives us sickness. One diet causes us to be satisfied for long periods of time. The other diet is quick energy but we are hungry right after we eat.

So I ask you today; what is for dinner at your home?


May the Lord Bless you as you study His Word….


Prayer-Father, May we desire the best things in our walk and shun those things which are nothing more than candy. You have given us meat to eat that is always available. Let us partake of a spiritual diet that makes us healthy.


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Philippians 3:13-14 Brethren, I count not myself to have apprehended: but this one thing I do, forgetting those things which are behind, and reaching forth unto those things which are before,I press toward the mark for the prize of the high calling of God in Christ Jesus.

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