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What’s for Dinner?

  There is a scripture passage that I was thinking about this week. It is in Proverbs 23.  Please turn with me to this chapter. Verses 1 through 8 are speaking in terms of eating, food and appetites. I enjoy the analogy of this as it makes a lot of sense. As always, let us break it down into manageable bites (no pun intended) so that we can digest it properly (ok, maybe some pun there). You know, there is nothing more satisfying at the end of the day than a good, hearty meal. My beautiful wife always has two things for me as I come home. First, as I get out of the car she comes to me (usually barefoot) and greets me. The second thing she does is that she … Read entire article »

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Big Fish Story

Our message this week is about a big fish. As a child I always got excited when I heard of the fishermen in the Bible. My Daddy and Uncle Bobby would often come home with buckets of fish and we’d have a fish fry. Often, I would go with them and “help” bring them in. It was always fun to see these two siblings chide each other as to who caught the biggest one. Of course, there was always a tale of the one that got away. Sometimes there would be evidence of a broken pole or a bent hook and our eyes would widen! But never has there been such as tale as the one in the book of Jonah in the Bible. Today we will skim through the book … Read entire article »

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Into the Fire

  I often look at current events in our world and try to make sense out of them. There is always some senseless crime committed that confirms the sinful nature of man. I have lived long enough to see our society call good evil and evil good. Things that were once done out of respect for Christians has turned into mockery. Shameful things that were done in the past are now applauded. Anyone who mentions something being morally wrong is called narrow minded, judgmental and legalistic. Denominations of the Christian church that stood as pillars are now removing standards for acceptance in a world that we are to be in, but not of. I have spent a lot of time thinking about all of this. For some time I floated back and … Read entire article »

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