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Don’t Water the Weeds!


I was working in the garden last week and the Lord gave me this week’s title to go on. Let’s see where He takes us.Turn with me to 2nd

Samuel chapter 11. This is the story of David and Bathsheba. For a bit of background, at this point in David’s life he has struggled and is finally where God was leading him as King of Israel. If you will remember, his life started out as a shepherd working for his father. His older brothers had gone off to war. He was sent to take them food and arrived on the battlefield just as the giant, Goliath, challenges Israel. Even though there were many trained soldiers there, no one had the courage to confront Goliath. This enemy’s blasphemous charges stirred up something in David and his passion and zeal for the Lord Almighty made him risk it all. You’ll remember that David destroyed the enemy with a smooth stone and a sling.

The prophet Samuel had been dealing with King Saul during this time as God had had enough of his rebellion. There had been one final sin that pushed God’s mercy past the limit (yes, there is a limit to it) and Samuel announced that the kingdom would be removed from Saul. God then spoke to the prophet and commanded him to anoint the new king who would replace Saul.

Samuel was only given a family name to go to and not an individual to anoint. He went from son to son to see if he was the one whom God would choose. When he had met all the sons there he knew that it was none of them that God wanted as king. So he asked if there was another son. Young David was away and Samuel asked for him to be called for. David was chosen and anointed as king over Israel. Now, if you came home one day and found out that you had been chosen to be king of a nation, even though you were not royalty, you would think that the rest of your life would be easy and carefree.

We have a lot of modern day royalty who are in the tabloids for “interesting” things they do but never in the news for political things that they do. In other words, their lives are those of the rich and famous and have nothing to do with the serious ruling of a nation. This was not so in the days of Israel’s monarchy. Their king always had the people of God to rule over. God required much from him. There were ungodly ones throughout history and the nation suffered because of it. I dare say, that the modern day aristocracy doesn’t have much influence on the nations they are kings over.

So this young man has been anointed king over Israel. But there is one problem. King Saul is still on the throne. God has removed him spiritually but physically he still wears the crown. This young man, David, is not about to just waltz in.

For the rest of Saul’s life he pursued David as he felt the threat of being dethroned even though spiritually he was already there. Many of the Psalms were written by David as he wrote his feelings on being under attack of the enemy. You will see, time and again where David trusts in the Lord to protect him. And again and again God does deliver him from harm. David did not try to get on the throne. He didn’t have to. God had already ordained it! He simply had to live one day at a time until God’s timing was right.

But as most reading this remember Saul eventually was mortally wounded in battle and to keep the enemy from torturing him, he fell on his own sword. David finally sat on the throne that God had given him and ruled Israel justly. David won many battles and brought Israel back to righteousness. The next line of this story feels like it should be “and he lived happily ever after” doesn’t it? But it wasn’t so. And so we pick up on the story in 2nd Samuel chapter 11. Now notice verse 1. It was a time when kings went to battle but David did not. He lingered at home while Joab led the army.

Everything is now going well for him. The nation is running like a well oiled machine and he has to simply sit back and enjoy it. But as we read on in the second verse we see that David is relaxing and catches a glimpse of Bathsheba bathing. Bathsheba is married to Uriah who is off in Israel’s army. Now, it is not sin to accidentally see someone like this. But this glimpse turned into a stare. Then the stare turned into lust. Sin is like that; it’s progressive. In James 1:13-16 God explains it that way. It’s little by little and step by step until we reach a point where we say “I can’t help it”.

Friend, that is what happened to David. His thoughts grew – starting with the thought that she was very beautiful. Then he progressed to the stage of imagining what it would be like to have her. The final blow of the enemy was where David had to have her. Now the rest of the chapter tells us how David lay with her and she became pregnant. When he found out that she was with child he plotted to get Uriah back home with her so that it would look like it was his baby. But Uriah was such a good man he would not sleep at home while the rest of his comrades were in battle. So in desperation David commands Joab to send Uriah in the front of the battle and he is killed.

You can read the rest of the story in the next chapter. David pays a terrible price for his sins. Now, I’d like to bring in the point of today’s sermon; don’t water your weeds. We all have weeds to contend with even if we aren’t gardeners. You see, we have good things that we can cultivate in our lives and there are bad things that grow as well. Just naturally in soil there are the seeds of grasses and herbs. A weed is defined as anything you don’t want growing there. In other words, corn can be a weed if it’s growing in the middle of a flower garden. Let’s just suppose that you scooped all the topsoil away in a garden area and brought in potting soil that had been sterilized. You plant corn in this new garden spot. That corn would flourish with only a few weeds in the first year. The second year’s crop would have more weeds as the seeds slowly blow in or they are brought in by birds. But you can never get rid of weeds in a garden. You will always have weeds!

Now spiritually, we have good things we want to grow. They are called the fruit of the spirit and are listed in Galatians 5:22-23; love, joy, peace, longsuffering, gentleness, goodness, faith, meekness and temperance. This is the crop we want to reap. But the weeds of hate, turmoil, fear, lust, anger discontentment, slothfulness, control and resentment (just to name a few) always seem to blow in our field. We carefully tend to our good crop by water and fertilizing it. Let me first explain how to grow and take care of the good crop.

You have time to spend each day. How you spend it is yours. It’s like a bank account of hours, minutes and seconds. You can spend them anyway you choose. So we want to grow spiritual fruit. Let’s just pick joy for example. We are going to spend time studying the Bible on joy. We would look for joy in scriptural passages. We are going to think about it long after we’ve closed the book and during our day we are going to focus on it with our thoughts. Our goal in growing joy in our lives is to become more like Jesus who was full of joy. We want to use Him and anyone we read about in the Word with the joy of the Lord as our examples.

We nurture our crop by thinking, meditating and practicing joy throughout our day. The Bible refers to itself as the water (Eph 5:26). When we study the Bible we want to make sure that we use it for God’s intended use and not for opposite reasons. You might ask, “How can studying the Bible ever be used for bad reasons?” Well, you can actually be looking for weaponry to “get back” at someone. Or, you might study it to see what gain other than spiritual you might get. I once knew a man who used the scriptures about God prospering us seven fold to see how much money he had coming from the Lord. He actually showed me on paper how he had paid “in” this amount in tithes and offerings and times seven it should come out to this amount! Many people use the Word for wrong reasons. The Bible also refers to itself as a two edged sword (Heb 4:12). That sword cuts both ways. If you use the Word to attack someone beware! It can cut you too. For example if you judge someone’s sin and your own life is not clean that same scripture applies to you.

When we water our physical garden as a whole something bad happens. The weeds get watered too! If we hand water the good crop and don’t water the weeds we help to get rid of them. This is much more work but well worth the trouble. Now, how do we apply this to life? Weeds growing alongside our joy (again as an example) might include slothfulness. We could take the joy too far, telling ourselves that God just wants me to be happy and watching television sure makes me happy! We might actually have weeds that we think are beautiful flowers but actually will take over our garden with time. A thistle has a beautiful bloom. It can look attractive as it blooms. But as soon as its seeds spread across the garden the thistle will be out of control. It has a deep root that has to be totally dug up to get rid of it. Don’t be deceived thinking that something in your life is good if it’s not one of the nine fruits! Ambition is not listed is it? And yet we sometimes believe that it is an admirable trait for Christians. Remember the definition of a weed? Anything that you don’t want growing there is a weed.

When you grow as a Christian you will discover just what your weaknesses are. You might have a sexual lust problem as David did. If you do, don’t put yourself in a position so that you are helping the weeds to grow. David should have gone off to war. Use wisdom friend! Men should never allow themselves to be alone with women who aren’t their wives.  Don’t water the weeds!

If you have a problem drinking alcohol stay out of places that sell it. I will even go as far as to say don’t go to any restaurant that serves it. There are plenty of other places that sell meals. You already know you have a problem. Don’t water the weeds!

If your weakness is laziness you will need to schedule yourself something to do so that you don’t get idle. Keep yourself busy. Don’t water the weeds! I could go on but I hope you get the point. There will always be times when the devil will set you up without you helping him. Don’t add to these by putting yourself in a position to fail. Often it’s the mature Christian who, like David finally reaching the throne, thinks he can sit back and relax. We must remain diligent in righteousness. We are not home yet. May your garden be full of good Spiritual Fruit!



Father God, I pray today for deep wisdom for the reader. I ask that you make us aware of things in our lives that we’ve not weeded. Help us to focus on the real crop of fruit you want us to produce. If there is some habit in us that helps the spiritual weeds to grow, make us aware of it so that we can change the way we garden.

In Jesus Name I pray-Amen


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Philippians 3:13-14 Brethren, I count not myself to have apprehended: but this one thing I do, forgetting those things which are behind, and reaching forth unto those things which are before,I press toward the mark for the prize of the high calling of God in Christ Jesus.

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