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It’s All About the Fruit-Part II

Last week I talked about the fruit we produce. We saw that everyone produces some kind of fruit, good or bad, and that it is evident to those around us which crop we are growing. This week I am going to go through that same passage and look at each individual fruit or work of the flesh and what it means. So many times we skim over a passage and tell ourselves that we have no problem with the sin or that we are producing the good fruit. In actuality we might find that we aren’t the husbandmen that we should be. Let’s turn again to Galatians chapter five and see what God has for us. I will be using the original Greek words from the Strong’s Concordance to get … Read entire article »

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It’s all about the Fruit

          Winter time has me thinking about the farm. I spend the cold, wet days looking at seed catalogs and planning improvements for the garden. In my lifetime there is one thing that I have always wanted and that is an orchard. When I was young my father had a farm with a large variety of fruit trees. We had peach, apple, plum and pear trees. There was a large pecan grove there too and always something fresh to eat. On my small farm here I planted fruit trees six to seven years ago and they have all just now begun to bear fruit. There is a lot of maintenance with fruit trees. Instead of just sticking them in the ground and waiting on the harvest … Read entire article »

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Straddling the Fence

          Angie and I had an interesting discussion this afternoon about people we know who are living with the Devil at the wheel and yet believe they are going to heaven. Their lives are no different than anyone else in the world and they are lead by their flesh. At some time in their life they made a statement that they wanted to live for God. Then, it seems that they slid over to the other side. This week I’m going to talk about fence straddlers.  As a shepherd it is my duty to provide food for my sheep. A few years ago, just after we had moved here we had a drought. It was a real challenge to get pasture for the sheep as our … Read entire article »

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