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When Passion Fades

Looking back over my own life I think about all of the things that I was passionate about. Through the years I’ve had quite a few hobbies and interests and they were the most important thing I ever involved myself with—at the time. Then something else captured my attention and I lost interest in those things. That is the problem with passions; they fade. Sadly, we not only let simple hobbies fade in our lives but also the really important things like God, family, friends and moral values. I have noticed that churches often try to “schedule” revivals with a guest speaker. I always observe the people who come out of those churches and have concluded that their lives rarely get permanently changed. They are like me in that they … Read entire article »

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The Big Ten

            I was asked to talk about the Ten Commandments recently and to give a break down of each one. There are a lot of people who don’t like rules and they particularly dislike these since they were given by a God that they do not know.  When God created the world there were no written rules in place. It was His intention to have a personal relationship with each person and there would be spiritual communications taking place daily. When Adam fell and was banished from the Garden he went out and lived as best as he could. His descendants married (each other) and multiplied. With no laws they lived as each one pleased. Cain, Adams son killed his own brother Abel. He was banished by God from Eden … Read entire article »

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You are the Salt

I was reading in Job this past week and chuckled at the verse in chapter 6 verse 6. Job says, “Can that which is unsavory be eaten without salt? Or is there any taste in the white of an egg?” When I read this I was very amused at the thought. Job is giving a rebuttal to his first “friend” who has just tried to explain Job’s suffering. Eliphaz has been explaining to Job that suffering comes only because of a broken relationship with God and that Job must be in sin. Job states that there are some things in life that are intolerable and unpalatable without seasoning. Eliphaz stated some things that were very true. Suffering does come from sin and a broken relationship with the Father. However, at times … Read entire article »

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The Church-The Body of Christ-Part II

  In last week’s message I talked about the Church’s formation. I covered the original meeting place for God’s people (the Tabernacle) and how that it was a type of the Christian in that it was mobile and went where the Spirit led by the pillar of fire and cloud. I discussed the fact that this was indicative of the New Covenant and the way that God put His laws in our hearts. In the New Testament we saw that the early Church began to meet in the Jewish Synagogues but were quickly stopped by the Jews. Then they primarily met in homes. This does not mean that it is wrong for Christians to meet in established buildings. But Jesus declared that where two or more people met in His name … Read entire article »

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