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The Robertsons are getting ready for a fall harvest!

1382235_10202071841780022_1764713287_nWelcome fall!!! This is my (Haley) favorite time of the year! I love everything about the fall, campfires, sweaters -no sweat, the beautiful colors, pumpkins!, pumpkin bread, hot chocolate, warm oatmeal and just enjoying the beautiful earth the Lord has given us! I always feel refreshed and renewed by the crisp air and the fall events and outings. I guess the thing I am looking the most forward this season is our big harvest the Lord has blessed us with that will be here any day! That is the newest member of the Robertson clan. We do not know yet what this bundle will be but we are eager to love and enjoy the glorious gift of life the Lord gives. Please keep us in your prayers when you think about it and we will let you know when that joyous moment arrives. Meanwhile- enjoy this beautiful season before we spend our upcoming days bundled up inside. Love the Robertsons!


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  1. Marti Byrne, RN says:

    Dearest Haley,
    I feel more blessed than I have ever been in taking care of you and your family for the birth of your beautiful baby. I have been filled with joy and renewal in being apart of something so wonderful and having my spirit renewed in being a labor and delivery nurse. I feel honored to have met you and your family and only wish the best for all of you. May your heart be filled with more blessings and love than you have ever known. I also, like you, love the fall harvest!!! Take care and enjoy you new little one. Hugs to you all.
    Marti Byrne, RN

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