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God’s Plan for a Happy Home-Part II

Last week I looked at some very foundational things for the family. The families are under attack today like never before. People of God need to know what the Word says about our role in families, what we should do and what we should not do. I mentioned in part one that it was difficult to find a properly functioning home in the Word of God. Even in the best families recorded in the Bible we see problems and mistakes. This should be a comfort to you that there is hope for your family. I made a disclaimer last week that I will repeat this week. I am covering what God says is His best for the family He ordained. Just because you do not agree with it or think … Read entire article »

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The Robertsons are getting ready for a fall harvest!

The Robertsons are getting ready for a fall harvest!

Welcome fall!!! This is my (Haley) favorite time of the year! I love everything about the fall, campfires, sweaters -no sweat, the beautiful colors, pumpkins!, pumpkin bread, hot chocolate, warm oatmeal and just enjoying the beautiful earth the Lord has given us! I always feel refreshed and renewed by the crisp air and the fall events and outings. I guess the thing I am looking the most forward this season is our big harvest the … Read entire article »

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God’s Plan for a Happy Home—Part One

I was asked recently to talk about the home and family. The world is quickly trying to redefine the word “family” to be any two or more people living together. God ordained it thousands of years ago as one man and one woman producing Godly offspring.  Our world is desperately in need of reformation for the family. The survival of mankind is dependant on a properly functioning home unit. When homes are out of order it causes society to be out of order. Let me make one disclaimer before I begin. There will be many who scoff at what I’m going to share. My disclaimer is this: I am speaking from the perspective as a Christian who believes that God Almighty created us in His image and that He did it … Read entire article »

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The Significance of a Swimming Axe

There are many miracles in the Bible that seem odd to us. Some of the things that God has recorded in His Word are mysterious. We often read right through an account and just pass it off as strange. The truth is that everything God has kept documented for the past six thousand years really is relevant. If it’s in there it means something! The story I want to look at today is just such an event. The account is only seven verses long and is unlike any other miracle in the Bible. It happened long ago during a construction project involving Elisha and a group of students. The Prophet Elijah was the head of a large number of prophets in training known as the School of the Prophets. Elisha was … Read entire article »

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