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Hello we are the Robertsons! (Updated Intro to our family)

(It has been so long since we have been able to post so I thought I would give you and updated intro!)

Hello we are the Robertson family. I, Haley, am the eldest daughter of the Burrell Family. Samuel and I met in 2007 and were married in April 2010. We are the happy parents of Samuel Isaac who was born June 2012. We are expecting our 2nd sweet angel in November of 2013.

We live in Clay County Alabama not far from our families. We both love being near them where we are able to fellowship on a regular basis and watch our babies grow up together. Samuel works for a shelving company and I am a stay at home momma.

Together we dream of a big family, living in the country and raising our babies on our own homestead. While we are not yet building our own place, we do enjoy the country life as best we can by working where we are.

Sam loves being outdoors. He enjoys fishing and football. On any given day his favorite place to be is out working in the yard cutting grass. He is a great daddy and he is Isaac’s favorite person in the world!   I have a great love for needlework and needle crafts in general. My newest adventure is quilting and applique. And I love keeping house. This past summer was the first in a long time that I got to spend the year focused on working my garden. I really enjoyed getting to start my own seedlings, tend my raised beds, putting up my produce, collecting and drying herbs and seeds from flowers/herbs. This year I also had my first experience with a pressure cooker. Scarry but exciting!

Isaac is a very smart and active 15 month old. When he is not sleeping he is wide open running about. Of course this is quite a challenge for Mama and Pop. His greatest love is reading books and being outside. I believe he would never come inside if his Mama didn’t insist. And he is ALL boy! Right now he is really obsorbing everything! So we spend a lot of time reading and learning about letters, numbers, shapes and colors. He is learning about coloring, opposites and things that are the same, helping mama, brushing his teeth and just growing up! We also have just started introducing the “potty” to him. So yeah for our first experience in the parenting phase of life!

As previously mentioned we are expecting Robertson baby #2 November 3rd. To be quite honest, although we want to wait for God’s perfect timing, this Mama would not be opposed to going early. Being with child in the humid and hot summer in the heart of dixie can be a bit taxing. So we take LOTS of naps and try to stay cool.

While we stay pretty busy we try to spend time with family and friends. We enjoy fellowshipping with our family for church. We both love the home church setting. And have grown so much in our faith under the practical teachings of my Dad, Paul Burrell. Our church setting is very interactive and we love gleaning from everyone’s thoughts and experiences. When we are not able to attend services we enjoy watching them on the Ustream, which is available for anyone to watch. You can check out the link here on the website.

We have a great love and passion for God. And althougth we have not had the easiest of marriages, God has been faithful and done many great wonders in our lives. We continue to work together to grow in God. We are proof that it isn’t easy and life is not storybook fantasy. It takes a lot of hard work. But everyday I see the hand of God molding us both to become His bride. And I am so grateful He hasn’t given up on us!

Our greatest hope besides becoming one in Him is to be able to lead our children in His most precious and glorious ways. This is the challenge of life, but I know no better way to live than in His will. So for now we just walk. We take each day at a time and build. I trully believe that God is faithful and has greatest purpose for those He has called!

So please as you carry on in your own journey keep an extra prayer going for us. And let us hear from you and we will do the same.


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