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Only One

Would I lie to you if I loved you? Of course not! If we love someone we owe it to them to be absolutely honest. God has commanded us to love one another and to even love our enemies so I’m going to be completely truthful with you today. There is no way to get to heaven except through Jesus Christ. I know that offends some people as there is a belief that as long as you are sincere God will accept you. The Bible doesn’t say that. Some other religions may also teach that you can get to heaven through your religion or theirs. These are all inclusive but Christianity is not. Before I get into the scriptural passages that show this let me say that there is an error in Christians when they think their friends can follow other gods or religions and get to heaven. I know they believe that they are more loving in their acceptance but I think telling a lie to them is not love.

The devil would love to deceive as many as he can into staying away from the one true God. All he has to do is to throw out as many counterfeits as possible in hopes that with so many choices you will be mislead. In my studies I have been amazed at how many religions there are in this world. My childhood only consisted of knowing of Protestant Christianity. Angie and I have had discussions through the years as to how each Christian denomination has one great truth that it was based on. My Baptist upbringing focused on the Bible and reaching out to the lost through evangelism. Other denominations focus on freedom in Christ, missions, holiness, etc. Each one may have a different focus but all are part of the Body of Christ in reaching out to a dying world.

At this point some might point out that I was “brain-washed” with Christianity. It could have been so if Christianity hadn’t proven to be real. You see, just because you find the perfect person to marry the first time you marry (which is God’s plan by the way) it doesn’t mean you were brain-washed into settling for something that wasn’t true. Just because someone comes to truth early on it doesn’t mean that they need to seek further. Even when I was confident that I had the real thing I studied other religions and faiths after my college years. Angie and I taught our children about all the religions in the world in our Homeschooling. I wanted to make sure that they understood where other people were coming from and I wanted them to be able to have a conversation with people who didn’t believe like I did. So, what proof do I have that Jesus is the only way to heaven? How can I say that only prayers to Jehovah through Jesus are answered? Let’s start with what the Bible says.

In John 14:6 Jesus stated that He was the only way to heaven. If this was the only verse in the Bible that said something to that affect we might say that it was misinterpreted or that we misunderstood it. One of my early pastors told us to never make a doctrine out of one verse. For example Jesus stated that His followers would pick up serpents and not be harmed (John 16:18). Yet it goes against the rest of the Bible to think that means to reach in and grab one out of worship! Jesus didn’t just state that He was the only way to heaven here in John fourteen. Let’s look at John 17:3. Here He is praying and said that God (His Father) was the only true God and that He (Jesus) was sent by Him. There are a lot of mislead people who believe that Allah and Jehovah are the same being. That is incorrect as Allah’s prophet was Mohammed and the religion of Islam was based on this. This religion is one of compulsion where the most devout followers kill their enemies unless they convert to Islam. Christianity is based on God’s (Jehovah’s) love through Jesus Christ and the most devoted followers actually love their enemies and do good to those who are using them (Matt 5:43-48). In fact we are known for our love one for another. It is the proof that the true God lives in us.

Getting back to that passage Jesus said that His Father was the one true God. Let’s look at Matthew chapter seven. In verses thirteen through fifteen Jesus is teaching again about entering heaven and knowing the true way versus the other ways. Notice that He used the analogy of two gates (13-14). The Bible word translated here as strait means narrow as we use the term today in the Straits of Magellan. The two gates are narrow and wide. As a farmer I know something about gates. If you have a wide gate it works well with getting vehicles through (trucks and tractors) but is a poor choice if you are trying to limit animals coming in. Jesus said that we would have to enter the narrow gate. One might call us narrow minded by saying that Jesus is the only way in and they would be right. Our minds should be on the narrow gate that is the only way into heaven. Notice that Jesus said few would find it. If the path to heaven included any and all religions it hardly seems logical that there would be few that find it.

Verse fifteen warns us that there will be false prophets who will deceive people. Reading down through verse nineteen we see that we will know the true believers by their fruit. Just as you know an apple tree by its fruit you know true Christians by the fruit of love that they produce. Just as there are mock apple trees there are also mock Christians. They show themselves as being the real thing and probably have lovely blooms to impress us all but they have absolutely no fruit. It’s sad that many in the world judge real Christians by the mock ones. We don’t think all apple trees are fake just because we once had a mock apple in our yard do we? Instead we should consider those to be the minority. Real fruit producing Christians may not be abundant in your neighborhood but they do exist!

The entire Bible focuses on God’s plan for a fallen world even before it was fallen! If you read the Bible you will see that God planned on providing a path of redemption before the Creation of the World (Eph 1:4, 2nd Thes. 2:13-15, 1st Pet. 1:20). The entire Bible is harmonious in itself about God’s plan. It contains sixty-six different books penned by 40 men who, for the most part never met each other. It was written over a period of 1600 years and yet is still in complete agreement. There were sixty Prophecies about the Messiah in the Old Testament that Jesus was said to have fulfilled in the Book of Matthew alone. Peter Stoner, a mathematician once calculated the odds of one man fulfilling even just eight prophecies that were written in transcripts that were penned through the years as the Old Testament was. He concluded that the chances would be one in one to the seventeenth power. That is one in 100,000,000,000,000,000. As an illustration he stated that if you filled the state of Texas with silver dollars two feet deep and marked one coin with a mark the odds of someone picking out that coin on the first try is the same odds! In other words, there is no way possible that Jesus didn’t fit the prophecy of Messiah written in this inerrant Book.

I know that there are a lot of skeptics that continue reading this message and that is good. I understand where you are coming from. I am a “show me” kind of person. I am not even going to give you more scriptures because if you are a skeptic you won’t see them anyway.  Since there are many false religions in the world I base my statements on the proof of my own life. I have met the Savior Jesus! He changed my life forty-one years ago and has walked with me since that day. I have heard His voice calling me and I answered it. When I cried out from the pit He delivered me. When I called for guidance He led me. When I was in need He provided for me. I talk with Him daily and He always answers my prayers.

Other religions in the world are just that-religions. Christianity is a relationship with the Eternal Creator of the Universe. Paul saw many people on Mars Hill in Athens who worshipped all sorts of gods (Acts 17). He even saw that they’d erected an idol to the “Unknown God”. This was just in case they had missed one-they didn’t want to offend. Paul wanted them to know the one true God. That culture was as all-inclusive as we are today. They don’t mind who you worship and some even mix in Christianity with other religions trying to cover all the bases. But unless we worship Jehovah God alone we will not be accepted.

I told you that I loved you enough to tell you the truth when I started. You may consider me insane, narrow-minded or bigoted. If I were bigoted I would not try to love you towards God through the cross of Jesus. I would strut around like a peacock acting like I had found a secret that you didn’t know. Christianity demands that those who follow also share the good news. It is not a bigoted, I’m better than you religion. Jesus reminded us in His teaching and parables that we must show mercy if we are to obtain mercy. We must forgive if we are to be forgiven.

Anyone who says that God isn’t real has never truly sought Him out. If you seek Him you will find Him. He is the God of Creation, not Allah, Buddha or Confucius. He is your creator and He loves you beyond what you can imagine. He has a plan for your life and wants a relationship with you like he had with the first man He created, Adam. The only way you can have this is to accept that Jesus is His only Son and that He is the only way to Heaven. If you have tried the other paths and found that they led to emptiness may I suggest that you try God? Psalms 34:8 says “taste and see that the Lord is good”! When I was young I often balked at eating new things. If it didn’t look right or sound like something I would eat I never tasted it. Wisdom says to taste it first before you make a judgment. If you are not content today there is something more than mere religion awaiting you. Try God!


Prayer-Father, I pray for those who are without salvation in Jesus today. Many follow their own paths and some choose to even ignore your existence. I ask that when they have studied Your Word they would have light to see. Don’t allow the enemy to blind anyone who sincerely wants the truth. May they taste and see for themselves that You are real and that Your Son really loved them enough to die in their place. Reveal yourself to them today.

In Jesus’ Name I pray-Amen


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Philippians 3:13-14 Brethren, I count not myself to have apprehended: but this one thing I do, forgetting those things which are behind, and reaching forth unto those things which are before,I press toward the mark for the prize of the high calling of God in Christ Jesus.

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