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It’s refreshing to see gratitude offered these days. At one time people were grateful for the smallest things. When I was younger people had much less than they do now and each thing was received with thanks. We didn’t think the world owed us anything back then. The first car I ever drove to school had no grill and no hood. If it rained I had to find a gas station with an awning to pull under. Yet, I was so proud to have it! Not many of the kids back then drove nice automobiles. Now, if you pass by a high-school parking lot you will see vehicles driven by students that most of us still can’t afford. It seems that people are not only ungrateful but they also expect … Read entire article »

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Hello we are the Robertsons! (Updated Intro to our family)

(It has been so long since we have been able to post so I thought I would give you and updated intro!) Hello we are the Robertson family. I, Haley, am the eldest daughter of the Burrell Family. Samuel and I met in 2007 and were married in April 2010. We are the happy parents of Samuel Isaac who was born June 2012. We are expecting our 2nd sweet angel in November of 2013. We live in Clay County Alabama not far from our families. We both love being near them where we are able to fellowship on a regular basis and watch our babies grow up together. Samuel works for a shelving company and I am a stay at home momma. Together we dream of a big family, living in the country … Read entire article »

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Anytime, Anyplace

          I have heard some say that there are no death-bed conversions and that if we don’t come to God and repent while we still have time to work for Him then we really aren’t repentant. I disagree. Looking at the Word we will see many examples of those who delayed their repentance, even though they did suffer because of it. Today I want to examine the character of God in which men have mercy and grace. In the book of Judges is the story of a man named Samson who went his own way. Beginning in chapter 13 is the miraculous event of an angel who foretells Samson’s birth. We all have a special place in this world and a call from God (if we will answer it) but in … Read entire article »

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Only One

Would I lie to you if I loved you? Of course not! If we love someone we owe it to them to be absolutely honest. God has commanded us to love one another and to even love our enemies so I’m going to be completely truthful with you today. There is no way to get to heaven except through Jesus Christ. I know that offends some people as there is a belief that as long as you are sincere God will accept you. The Bible doesn’t say that. Some other religions may also teach that you can get to heaven through your religion or theirs. These are all inclusive but Christianity is not. Before I get into the scriptural passages that show this let me say that there is an … Read entire article »

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