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The Nature of God


We live in an amazing time of world history. Science and Technology have discovered things that man never knew for thousands of years. It seems that with all of the discoveries man would be drawn closer to God. But, the opposite seems to be happening; man is making science and nature out to be a god instead. God has given us many clues in His word to science and nature that, if man had been wise enough to listen, would have proven to be true long before someone “discovered” it.

As an example, the Bible lists the world as being round even though some ancient scientists believed it to be flat (Is 40:22). God told us that each person’s blood was where the life was (Lev 17:11) but as late as the nineteenth century doctors “bled” people to try and heal them. Doctors also once believed that different races had different types of blood but the Bible correctly says that we are all of one blood (Acts 17:26). The existence of ocean currents were discovered after Matthew Maury read about them in Psalms 8:8. There are accurate descriptions of astronomical facts, physical facts and historical facts-none of which has ever been proven wrong. Every Biblical scientific fact agrees with true science.

Since we as Christians know that God created everything we should be able to see His fingerprint in all of Nature. This past week I had a passage that the Hold Spirit brought back to my spirit while I was driving. I kept hearing “doth not even nature itself teach you”? I kept saying it aloud while I was driving and then started thinking about what God was trying to say. Of course, this passage comes from 1st Corinthians 11:14 where Paul is teaching that women should be covered in worship while men should be uncovered. He said that even nature itself taught us that it was a shame for men to have long hair. I grew up in the seventies and wished that I had understood this scripture then! I had shoulder length hair like many of my friends. Looking back I see how foolish we looked. The concept of learning from nature is what I want to look at today. It makes sense that since God created all of what we see He must have put His character in everything. There are things of God to learn from with the things in nature.

The first thing I though of was the balance of everything in nature. Life itself has such a delicate balance where everything depends on everything else. The soil is an incredibly active mix of life and living things. As gardeners we know that soil can be loose enough to grow something but not rich enough to produce. It must have the balance of microbes, minerals and such to feed plants. The plants must take in the nutrients from the soil through water and also use chlorophyll to turn sunlight into food. Animals which eat the plants convert those chemicals to live on. Of course I’m talking about the food chain but I want you to think about everything in nature. Take our bodies, for example. Every organ has a special purpose. You can live without some but for optimum health you need them all. Our bodies are extremely complicated. Doctors study the anatomy for many years before they can practice medicine and as a friend of mine says, “There are only two models to learn on!”

In all of this I began to ponder how everything works together. Romans 8:28 says that all things work together for the good of those who are the called of God. Life often seems to not be fair and at times we encounter things that don’t make sense. How many times have we all understood why God allowed something further down the road? God sees our life and knows what we need. Just as His creation as a whole is in His control our lives are as well.

The second thing I thought of was that everything in nature needs everything else. If you remove something from the food chain there is a problem. Nature often adapts but it takes time. If there is a butterfly that is exterminated and a certain bird only eats that the bird will have to develop a taste for something else of go hungry. We might forget that we as Christians need each other. But nature teaches us we are all dependant on one another. God’s Word reminds us of this (1 Cor. 12:12-27). We all have a part in the Church (the body of Christ-not the building) and when we remember that we will respect one another more. Neglecting someone that you don’t believe fits in will go against the plan of God.

The third thing I thought about was morality. A passage came to mind from Romans chapter one. This whole chapter talks about God in nature. Paul said He could be “clearly seen” (v20) in creation. Then he tells us that man stopped worshipping the Creator and began to worship creation (v23). In verses twenty-six through twenty-eight Paul said that God gave up to a reprobate mind those that threw out natural affections for un-natural ones. Here he is speaking of the immorality of homosexuality. In verse twenty-seven he talks about men giving up the natural use of a woman. The word “natural” here comes from the Greek meaning produced by, agreeable to and governed by the instincts of nature. The following word “use” here comes from the Greek meaning “sex”. Think about nature in this aspect. What would happen to the birds and bees if nature produced homosexuals? That’s right-they wouldn’t reproduce and the animal would die off. God is showing us something here if we are wise enough to listen. He spelled out that it’s not natural nor is it a natural lust of the flesh.

Nature is also affected by man’s sin. Man’s spiritual condition with God has an influence on the natural world. Look back to the fall of man. When Eve sinned the animals began to be afraid of her. When Adam took the forbidden fruit the garden began to grow thorns and thistles and he had to produce his food with the sweat of his brow. Look again at Moses and the children of Israel conquering the Promised Land. The sin of pagan cultures had influenced the animals so badly that God had Israel kill even the livestock instead of saving it. In the New Testament Jesus spoke of a time when Judgment was coming. In Matthew 24:7-8 Jesus told us that at the last days there would be natural occurrences taking place which He called the “beginning of sorrows”. These include earthquakes, famines and plagues. I looked up that phrase in the Greek and it means “the beginning of birth pains”. God is clearly telling us that man’s sin would bring on these natural occurrences.

The sin of man definitely affects nature. Carnal man would love for you to believe that we can coexist with nature and yet also live any sinful way we wish in society. History tells us otherwise. We cannot live against the Word of the Creator and expect His Creation to flourish. It just won’t happen. On the other side of that thought, when we live according to the Word of God all of Nature excels. God created the perfect world in Genesis. Everything in it was in order and harmony. This is the nature of God. He creates perfection.

I am an amateur astronomer and enjoy viewing the stars and planets. Most of the printed material on this subject (sadly) fails to bring out the Creator. They show awesome sights from the heavens and tell us that these things just “happened” but that they can’t explain how. They tell us that since stars and galaxies are so many millions of light years away the universe is ancient. God’s Word says its not. Even if their method of measuring distance was 100% accurate (which it isn’t) did it ever occur to them that God created everything “finished”? Think about it-God made the garden completely mature. Fruit trees had fruit hanging on them ready to eat when man stood up. Adam was a grown man who already knew how to speak and tend the garden. Consequently, the light from stars already reached the Earth no matter how far away they are.

I enjoy studying the things of nature. We don’t have broadcast television but sometimes see it at a hotel. The only things I am ever interested in are history or nature shows. I especially find it humorous when some documentary (which keeps pushing evolution) states that even with modern science they still don’t know why the animal they are talking about does a certain thing. They see the mystery but refuse to accept that an Unseen God created that bird or fish to navigate back to the exact same spot year after year. The profound aspect of nature itself proves the existence of an Almighty Creator. David came to the realization that we are fearfully and wonderfully made (Ps 139:14). I have often wondered what he saw that caused him to say this. Was it the miracle of birth? Maybe it was a body on the battlefield. Whatever it was David realized the awesome creation that we are.

To finish I want to go to Acts 14:15-17. Paul had miraculously healed a man though Jesus Christ. Those who witnessed it began to treat him like God. He quickly corrected their actions and brought out that God left a witness of Himself in nature. He reminded them that God showed us who He is in His Creation. He regularly provides rain and harvest. As a farmer I know that nothing happens without His blessings. Angie and I work the soil and plant the seed. We give it water and wait. There is a poem that says “He who plants a seed beneath the sod and waits to see believes in God”. The miracle within the seed alone is testimony of God. Just watch nature and you will learn the Nature of God!


Prayer-Father, thank You for all that is displayed before us. We look around our world and see Your Handiwork. What an awesome God you are! Open our eyes to see even more of who You are as we grow older. Be glorified in Your World today.

In Jesus’ Name-Amen


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Philippians 3:13-14 Brethren, I count not myself to have apprehended: but this one thing I do, forgetting those things which are behind, and reaching forth unto those things which are before,I press toward the mark for the prize of the high calling of God in Christ Jesus.

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    Thanks for this insight. I believe this to be so true!

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