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The Compass

Have you ever been lost? We often see stories on the news about people who were lost for days and their story makes the headlines. I once knew a man who was lost at sea for fifteen days on a small rubber raft with two other men. This event happened during the Second World War and his ship had been sunk. He was finally found and had quite a story to tell. I know others who have been lost in the woods. Their stories aren’t quite so dramatic but they still fought to find their way home. I was lost for about an hour once. I was passing through a National Park and decided to hike a trail during my lunch hour. After a half hour I came out on a … Read entire article »

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Remember Lot’s Wife?

          These are uncertain times my friends. But we serve a certain God who never changes. The older I get the more I like that about our Father. Jehovah never changes. He cares for you. He is working for your benefit while you sleep at night. Trust in Him! Though your job is unstable or even non-existent, just remember one thing; He has never forsaken the righteous or left their children begging for bread. Today, I want to look at some passages on what God says about turning back. There are many people in my life who, at one time in the past, were on fire for God. Many have lost the vision and path that God had shown them. That is what the message is about today. Turn to Genesis Chapter … Read entire article »

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Changing the Pond

          This week I want to look at perspectives. Life is full of different perspectives. Each of us has a series of life experiences that cause us to look through shaded glasses. Our perspectives are somewhat colored according to what we see, hear and feel in life. We have all had tragedies that have occurred and that may cause us to be cautious in certain areas. For instance, if you’ve ever had an automobile accident that caused you to be injured you may have an extra caution about driving. If someone in your family died of a heart attack you will be more cautious about your diet or exercise. On the other side, we have good experiences that make us tie certain events with happiness. Perhaps listening to certain music reminds … Read entire article »

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