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This week I am looking at stones. Have you ever thought much about them? We have pretty good soil that doesn’t have many rocks in it but we do have an outcropping of rocks in sporadic places. Just a few feet up the hill there is a pile of rocks where someone in the past marked a grave. These are neatly arranged to show the place where three people were laid to rest. I am always amazed at the talent it takes to build with stones.

At our last home Angie built a retaining wall around a flower bed using random rocks she collected. It was beautiful work and I admired her talent. I guess I always admire people with talent to things I can’t do. I have never been very good with puzzles. Whenever the family sits around the table in the winter evenings putting together a picture puzzle I get frustrated. I seem to sit for hours trying piece after piece while the girls snap together sections of the puzzle. I have a hard time imagining the part in various positions to see if it fits. While each piece of a puzzle does have a place, stones are even more mismatched in that no two are the same. For someone to actually produce a building or bridge with rocks is totally amazing to me.

I am thinking about a passage of scripture this week about a stone that goes along with these thoughts. Look at Psalms 118 and verse 22. The Psalmist gives a prophecy of the coming Messiah who would be rejected but would end up as the chief cornerstone. I get a mental image of an oddly shaped puzzle piece here that doesn’t fit in to my picture. It might be tossed aside and forgotten. But as I get to a certain point I remember it and try again to make it work. It is then that I realize it is the most important piece that exists.

I was thinking back on my childhood and observing from a more mature point of view. I must have looked like quite a strange person when I was a teenager. In my high school days I didn’t fit in with any group. You know the groups that I’m talking about. I was never athletic so I didn’t fit in with that group. I was so un-athletic that during P.E. they rarely threw the ball to me and when they did I dropped it. Even though I play several instruments now I wasn’t in the marching band and so I didn’t fit in there. I wasn’t a partying person so the party group didn’t accept me. My family wasn’t affluent so I didn’t fit in with the rich kids group. Basically, I wasn’t like anyone. I was very introverted and didn’t attend many school activities like ballgames or dances. I used to wonder how God could use someone like me. If you looked at me back then you might have wondered that, too. I’m sure no one picked me out of a crowd to be successful. While I did well academically, I had little to no help from the school counselor. With what I know now I am sure I could have gotten a scholarship. But washing pots and pans at a restaurant put me through school and here I am today.

There was another stone that was rejected by builders. You know what rejection is like, right? You and I have not fit into this world since the day we were born-again. We’ve been add shaped rocks just like Jesus. That stone wall that you see is held together in strength because of stones placed exactly in the correct places. Each one is unique. No two are alike. A stone arch is even more amazing because it holds up its own weight. There is a keystone or corner stone that fits in place. That keystone is critical to the structure. No other stone will do.

The Psalmists foresaw that the Messiah would be overlooked. Jesus was missed by Jewish leaders. He did not fit into what they imagined the Messiah would be. They saw Messiah as someone who would build a world kingdom and overcome every kingdom on this world. Have you noticed how many people still miss Jesus for who He is because of the same reason? Look at verse twenty-three. This is the Lord’s doing. We serve a God who is above us. His ways are higher than our ways. His thoughts are higher than our thoughts. I would not want a God that I could figure out. He wouldn’t be God if I could. If I could figure out how God created the Heavens and the Earth He would not be God. God had a wonderful plan to bring Jesus into the world as a baby. He grew up to be a man who died for the sins of the world. And He is God.

Look at Matthew chapter twenty-one. In verse forty-two Jesus quoted this passage from Psalms. His use of this passage is showing them that the Kingdom would be taken from the Pharisees and given to another nation that accepted the stone. Continue reading and see that anyone who falls on this stone would be broken but the person on whom the stone falls will be ground into powder.

Peter used this passage in his sermon of Acts chapter four. Paul had an interesting observation about this as well. In 1st Corinthians chapter one and verse twenty-three Paul says that Christ is preached and received by the Jews as a stumbling block. Have you ever had something that was in your path and it became an irritant to you? Perhaps a child’s toy was in your walkway and you tripped over it. How about a large rock? We have rocks lining our pathway to our door and they sometimes get moved in the way. Paul said that Jesus was a stumblingblock to the Jews and foolishness to the Greeks.

This same Jesus is the one that people today still trip all over and around. He irritates people who are trying to do things their own way. They don’t see that Jesus doesn’t have to be something to trip over. He can be the steppingstone to reach God. He was rejected and despised of men and we esteemed Him not (Isaiah 53:3). Jesus is our only path to God. Don’t overlook this Rock today. He may not fit into your plans because your plans are wrong. He fits perfectly into God’s Plan for your life. Try Him today and you will be amazed at how your life finally fits together. Only Jesus can do it.


Prayer-Father, we thank You for the Stone that was rejected by others. Thank You that You opened our eyes to how it all fits together. I pray that if someone is reading this today and their life seems out of order may they see that Jesus can put it back together again. My Your Spirit be the architect for their lives.

In Jesus’ Name-Amen


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Philippians 3:13-14 Brethren, I count not myself to have apprehended: but this one thing I do, forgetting those things which are behind, and reaching forth unto those things which are before,I press toward the mark for the prize of the high calling of God in Christ Jesus.

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  1. Josh says:

    God tends to use “individuals” not those that follow the crowd. Isaiah, Samuel, Noah, Stephen etc. Groups came to and left Christ. But those who stayed then as well as now stay as individuals. In a crowd you tend to follow the crowd and their collective voices often drown out the “still small voice” God Bless, Keep up the good work!

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