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This week I am looking at stones. Have you ever thought much about them? We have pretty good soil that doesn’t have many rocks in it but we do have an outcropping of rocks in sporadic places. Just a few feet up the hill there is a pile of rocks where someone in the past marked a grave. These are neatly arranged to show the place where three people were laid to rest. I am always amazed at the talent it takes to build with stones. At our last home Angie built a retaining wall around a flower bed using random rocks she collected. It was beautiful work and I admired her talent. I guess I always admire people with talent to things I can’t do. I have never been very … Read entire article »

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One Last Look

I’ve been thinking a lot about life this week. With the tragedies that happened in Boston, Waco and southwest China it makes a person think about their own lives. We’ve all been given a limited number of days to spend on this planet; some have only a few days while some have many years. I’ve noticed that it doesn’t matter if someone lives to be a hundred they still seem to leave too soon.  Each of us will get to the end of our lives one day when we probably don’t want to. Today I want to look at that time. I was reading in Deuteronomy chapter thirty-four a few weeks back about the end of Moses life. As I read through Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers and Deuteronomy over a few months … Read entire article »

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A Clean Crib

It’s always very fulfilling to get things done that have weighed heavily on my mind. Living on a farm there are always things to repair, systems to improve and things we want to do to make our farm more functional and productive. We’ve been here for six years on this property. When we arrived there was no fencing, barn, or garden. Since we brought livestock with us we hurriedly began to put up the first wing of the barn to house the chicken and turkeys. The following year we built the other side and on the third year we added the hay loft in the middle. Through time we’ve improved the barn with stalls, gates, water and electricity. We’ve had a problem that began a couple of years back with drainage … Read entire article »

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