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          These are perilous times. If you don’t believe me, just look at the news every day.  It is filled with horrible stories about men and women, boys and girls who are following their flesh in violent and lustful atrocities against God and man. Just this past week there was several stories that made me sick to my stomach just reading them. In story after story people are caught in sick, harmful, grieving and disgusting sin. It ruins lives; both theirs and innocent victims.           At this point you may be asking why I bring in the world’s news on a message that generally is read by Christians. You probably already realize that the world without Christ is totally lead by the flesh and our old enemy, … Read entire article »

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Ellinor Rebekah Robinson

Ellinor Rebekah Robinson

It’s a girl!!!  With the greatest joy and delight that we share the news of our newest grandchild. Erin and Andy Robinson along with big brother Paul Obadiah announce the birth of  Ellinor Rebekah Robinson!! She was born February 9th and weighed 7 lbs and 4 ounces and was 19 1/2 inches long. Ellinor is a tiny, precious, bundle of love and our entire family is overwhelmed with joy! [nggallery id=46] … Read entire article »

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Wood Heated Shower House

Warning!!! When building a water heating system always use relief valves. These open up if the pressure goes above a preset amount of if the water climbs higher than a certain temperature. Don’t operate any type water heating system without them! From time to time we hold events here at out farm in which we have classes. These classes are on heritage crafts and farm techniques. Several years ago we decided that there was more information than we could share in one day so we expanded the classes to two and three day events. Along with that change we received feedback that many people wanted to camp here to save expenses. We began to create facilities here to accommodate them and one of the things we needed was a shower. I … Read entire article »

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Goal Unawares

For most of my life I have not been a goals oriented person. Whenever someone asked me what my goals were I usually was at a loss for words. When the New Year came around and everyone set resolutions, I had none. I really just set nothing for myself and dealt with life day by day. I want to go to a passage first before I really explain my message. Turn with me to Matthew chapter 21. In verse twenty three there is a section that tells the story of priests at the temple who challenged Jesus to tell by what authority He did His miracles. He returned the challenge by asking them to tell under what authority John baptized. Have you ever had someone challenge you? Just like in the instances … Read entire article »

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