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Living Your Faith

            I examined the four soils of Jesus’ parable last week.  We saw how one of them actually began to grow but later the plants were choked out. I considered faith this week. Faith is often brushed off as simply stating something verbally. Nothing could be further from reality, though. For example, just stating that you believe you are a Christian doesn’t make you one. Jesus said that many people would appear on judgment day and profess that they had done many marvelous works in His name. He said that He would reply to them “I never knew you” (Matt 7:21-23)           Our study this week covered this passage and we had a lot of discussion on it. How can someone prophesy (preach) and cast out demons in Jesus’ name and … Read entire article »

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Plowing Deep

          This week we had warmer weather and my mind began to drift to gardening. As the days passed I thought about how nice it would be to wiggle my toes in the loose dirt while planting. Since this is January I can only dream about it, though. I know it will get cold again soon. I was raised on a farm as a child. Dad bought a large parcel of land when I was ten and all of his children helped him work it. When I got out of high-school I decided that the city life was for me. Angie grew up in town and once she was an adult decided that rural life was what she needed. It was later in life that I … Read entire article »

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What Every Christian Should Know

As I get older I find myself looking back on my Christian walk. This year I will celebrate forty years since I first gave my heart to Jesus. I have had many failures in my walk and can see areas where I should have done better. I have also had many victories. All of these years and experiences have given me some wisdom to share. Watching others going through the same thing prompts me to share some things that I believe every Christian should know. I pray that you will find these helpful in your walk.           The first thing that every Christian should know is, of course, the Holy Bible. Now, before you jump to my number two suggestion let me elaborate. The Bible is the basis for everything we … Read entire article »

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The Answer is in the Den

We have just come through another major battle for our family. If you didn’t see the news our family had a child abducted last week. Our grandson was taken by his non-custodial father without permission and disappeared. The news reported some of what happened but the real story is yet to come. This man is a criminal and was out on a one-hundred thousand dollars bond from other recent crimes. He was already headed to prison for a long time and had nothing to lose. When we got the news we realized that it was a serious matter and began to pray and ask others to join us. As word spread it became the nightmare that everyone fears most. Every news source had pictures of our grandson, and his father. The … Read entire article »

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