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Like a Squirrel

My computer crashed this week and I am having to use Angie’s pc. Her keyboard has letters worn off and I don’ type so this is going to take some extended time to write! When all else fails understand that the enemy is at work. He actually shows us when something is about to happen due to the attacks. In Ephesians 6:12 Paul instructs us that our battles aren’t in the flesh. This should always remind us that when things looks like they are failing we are about to be victorious. Turn with me to the Book of James this week as we look at ourselves. James is one of my favorite books as each verse seems to be full of wisdom. You can barely read within it when the Holy … Read entire article »

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I have spent most of my time writing the weekly message for families and individuals to have their own home church services. However, I have forgotten the practical articles lately. Just as the Bible has practical parts to it I believe that man needs the entire package. Lately there has been a lot on my mind. As I write this there is an election coming up within the month. There are several countries that are on the verge of economic collapse and our economies are in jeopardy. In the government of our own country politicians are playing the fiddle while Rome burns. It didn’t bother me at one time. I was just like many of you. I was in a profession making a living at a local utility. Each year the Union negotiated … Read entire article »

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Hearing the Voice of God

Many years ago I was a youth pastor. I learned a lot from the experience, mostly about my own weaknesses. It disciplined me to come up with a Bible study weekly. When the youth had questions it made me dig for answers. As I watched their growth I realized that everyone has the same problems and questions in life. One of the most asked questions I got during those years was “how can I hear from God?” We all want to hear His voice, don’t we? Any of us who call ourselves Christians want to hear His voice. How else can we have a relationship with the Creator of all that exists? I suppose there are many people who do not even realize that God speaks to His people. Let’s … Read entire article »

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