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Living in the Fog

          This week I wanted to discuss a condition that occurs at times in our lives. I am going to refer to that condition as being in the fog, for lack of a better term. I don’t believe that any of us are immune to it. In fact, I can testify that I have experienced this condition in my own life and at different levels. Let me explain further by going to the Word of God.           Follow with me to the book of Exodus. In chapter four we find a character that is only named three times in the Bible. Oftentimes, we look at minor characters as just that; minor. They are not minor in any way. Everyone has a place in God’s plan. Many times … Read entire article »

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Pressing the Button

          I hope that the title of the message intrigues you enough to follow me through with the message! Sometimes I read devotions and it is so predictable I have a hard time getting through it. Hopefully, I can make things as interesting as possible for you. We are going to look at buttons today.           There are two types of buttons. In clothing you might use them to finish getting dressed. Angie makes my broad-fall pants with buttons and doesn’t have to buy zippers. Some Amish communities don’t allow buttons but use straight pins instead (ouch). The other definition for buttons would be for something that you push. When you press these buttons something happens. This is the type button that we will look at today. … Read entire article »

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Enter Jezebel

I’ve been thinking about fear this week. It’s not that I’m afraid of anything right now but I’ve recently witnessed many who are going through some fearful things. Let’s face it; these are perilous times. Every day that we wake up there are more stories on the news that point to the last days. We hear of men who have lost their jobs and seeing no hope ahead they have taken their lives and the lives of others. Other stories are of those who caught extremely rare diseases with no cure. The global economy is collapsing and each nation is failing. Many who have worked hard all their lives find that they have ended up with nothing. Divorce rates continue to climb and families are falling apart like never before. … Read entire article »

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  We had a very busy week. In the first part we celebrated Angie’s birthday. Then today we had a birthday party for our grandson Paul. It was his first birthday! We’ve had several back to back and now we are about to enter a period of time with less known events. I call them the doldrums. Those days, weeks and months that seem to be non-eventful where we often feel like something is wrong. We all have the doldrums. When you’re young you are lead to believe that life is all about the party, the promotion and the proposal. When you’re immature you think that there has to be an event or life isn’t worth living. You go through the week looking forward to a certain television show. Maybe there is a … Read entire article »

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Happy Birthday Angelia!

Happy Birthday Angelia Kay! We love you! You have always been an anchor, a guiding hand, a listening ear, a faithful servant and a best friend. You are such an incredible witness for our Heavenly Father and you have touch so many lives by your Love for Him! You will never know just much you are loved! We are so thankful that God loved us so much, that he gave us you as our Mother, Granny, Wife and Friend! We cherish each day we have had with you so far, and look forward to the years ahead!! We Love You and Happy Birthday!!!!    … Read entire article »

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The Stump

God usually gives me the weekly message through whatever is happening in my life that week. This past week I decided it was time to get rid of a stump in the garden. It wasn’t just any stump but the last stump remaining after clearing trees for our garden. When we moved here a few years ago the previous owner didn’t have a garden spot. What he had was a home with a large yard. Our farm is five acres and the majority of it is in woods. After looking around the most logical spot to put our garden was the yard. I suppose some people love their yard and feel that it adds to the beauty of their home. They spend hundreds of dollars a year keeping it cut … Read entire article »

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