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Pictures I Never Saw

              Welcome to this week’s message from Shepherd’s Hill. I apologize for missing the last two weeks but we had some family events that took place and I couldn’t get to the computer. This is a busy time for our family and I do apologize for missing.This week I wanted to look at our image. Sometimes we hear talk about impressions and images and what others see in us. Let me explain where my thoughts originate from.           Our family home schooled our children and had many family based events surrounding it. There were 4-H programs that they entered projects in. They had Geography Dinners where each month we got together with other families and had a meal focusing on a particular country and then ended with … Read entire article »

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The Battle Of Maturity

I have been thinking about the walk of a Christian.  At some point in our walk we should be spiritually grown.  It seems to me that a lot of people don’t ever want to reach that point.  Just as a Peter Pan didn’t want to grow up, there are a lot of Christians that want to remain children.  Let’s go to the scripture. In 1 Corinthians 13,Paul tells about a point in his walk where he grew up.  In verse 11, he states that when he was a child, he understood and spoke as a child.  It also says that he thought as a child.  But he then tells us that once he became a man he put away childish things.  Looking back at my own walk I can definitely see differences between … Read entire article »

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