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Shame to Celebration in One Generation

       We have been quite busy with the two new grandchildren being born recently. I apologize for not getting the message up to date. We spent a lot of time in a hospital waiting room and it gave me time to think. Anytime you go outside your element there are lessons to learn.

As I sat for many hours in the waiting room I watched other people. When my children were born it was quite a different setting. The image of a room full of fathers pacing the floor came back to mind. As each one had a child announced the other fathers would pat him on the back and congratulate him. This time the fathers would be in the delivery room with their wives. Those of us in the waiting room were grandparents and extended family and friends. Their were children and adults with electronic gadgets that kept them occupied. Some played games to pass the time while others were communicating with the outside to pass along the latest news. The waiting room at the hospital also had something that I have been disconnected from for a long time—broadcast television. We have a television and watch DVD movies that we have collected through the years. But standard television with networks and commercials is something that I haven’t viewed in a long time.

Sometime, during the second day of sitting there, the television was changed and it ended up on a channel labeled as “ABC Family”. I felt good about that since there were so many younger people in the room. A sitcom came on that I was unfamiliar with and I became more interested. The last time I watched was so long ago I had no idea what any of the programming was. There was a comical father in the show and some teenaged children. The mother was flawless and serious in her role and obviously portrayed a woman who kept the family from falling apart in spite of the male. It was a typical story in which the children were having trouble in their school with a school play. It looked like a lot hadn’t changed except that the man was now made to look bumbling while the wife kept things going.

All of a sudden, one of the children on the show said something that was completely out of place. It was to the affect of whipping someone’s a_ _. I sat straight up and looked around. Was I in a dream? Had I dozed off and someone changed the channels? I looked again at the logo at the bottom of the screen and it still listed it as being ABC Family. I looked around the room to see who else was shocked and instead life was going on as it had been. No one even noticed. I decided that I really had been out of the loop for a long time. Daytime Family shows in my time would have never had that kind of language. As I settled back down I watched further. The father of the show volunteered to help with the school play and discovered that the high school teacher was one of his old girlfriends. He began to feel guilty and tried to hide it from his wife. At the end of the show there was a “punch line” in which the wife found out and just as the husband was trying to declare his innocence the teacher told them both, “you don’t have to worry, I’m gay”.

You could have floored me. In fact, I’m sure that my mouth was open. Again, as I looked around to see who else was shocked I was met with blank stares. Everyone in the room was used to this kind of programming. The agenda was certainly not there when I was watching many years back. I did see a lot of things changing then but it had not gone this far. The set was on for the next thirty minutes and another family was portrayed. There was one line in it where a boy told his mother that he thought his sister was gay. There was laughter in the background on the television indicating that the writer thought this was funny. I did not. In fact, I was saddened at the agenda to corrupt children and the parents who did nothing to stop it. Right before our eyes the children of this world, the next generation are being brainwashed to grow up thinking these things were normal. In the television world immorality can come into our homes and we get subliminal messages of normality. The fact that two shows in a row pushed this agenda should be telling.

Many, many years ago the movie theater industry was attacked by people because they believed a picture was being broadcast every group of frames. It was said to be so seldom that you couldn’t see it but your brain would pick it up. The picture was supposedly a message to eat popcorn or buy soft drinks. People were so on guard at that time that they sheltered themselves from even the mention of advertising that worked subliminally. Now, the message is right out in front. While there are still a lot of subliminal messages in advertising and movies (just do a Google search and make sure your children aren’t in the room) the shame is that most of the messages are right out in the script and no one seems to care.

We as Christians are to never be swayed by the world around us but rather we are to influence the world. The salt is never to taste like steak but the steak should have the salt flavor. Unfortunately, most Christians are happy to sit their children down in front of a set to calm them while they do something else. We have allowed this opening to our children’s minds with no filters. The movie E.T. was a good example of how powerful a few seconds of simple influence can be. In this movie the extra terrestrial was given Reese’s Pieces candy to lure him out of a closet. He did not eat it during the entire movie and like it so much that he wanted to take some home with him. He simply ate some at one point. After the movie came out the sales of this candy went up 65% from the suggestion. Just think of what is happening to our children by watching day after day with all these references.

The homosexual lifestyle is listed as an abomination in God’s word. When I was in high school there were some who were “thought” to be and everyone thought it was shameful. If a young girl became pregnant outside of marriage it was so shameful that she was made to quit. An unmarried father would have been taken out of the social circles. It was all seen as what it is–wrong. We knew to not use certain words in front of any adults. We knew they were wrong to say. Now, on a “family” show that comes on daily the teenagers use that language and talk about those topics and no one blinks an eye. These “lifestyles” are celebrated, even in the church. Unmarried mothers can get a baby shower in the church and are applauded. What does the Bible say about changing morals?

Look at Isaiah chapter five. The Prophet records God words here in verse twenty where he tells us that we are in much trouble if we call evil good and good evil.   He follows up by saying that we are in trouble if we are wise in our own eyes. How is a person wise in their own eyes? They are wise in their own eyes if they use their own standards instead of Gods. Each culture could easily say what is right or wrong and feel that it’s ok. Our Creator has already given us standards to live by. Lately there is a lot of conversation about the Ten Commandments. These were used as the foundation for morals in the establishment of our country (theU.S.). Now, because some want to do away with them the compromise seems to be to do away with all those that pertain to God. In other words, they think it’s alright to use any commandment that doesn’t mention God, serving Him only or taking His name in vain. That leaves five commandments that the “peace makers” say we can keep posted. If you take God out of the commandments they will no longer be commandments but suggestions. After all, who was it that commanded we keep these rules?

The devil has always tried to shift the rules one generation at a time. If you read the book of Judges you will see that in generation after generation Israelwent from serving God wholly to serving other gods and falling into the abominations of their surrounding world. It becomes almost ridiculous at the number of times we read “again Israeldid evil in the sight of the Lord”. They swayed from generation to generation. How does this happen? It happens just like the shocks and tires on my car wearing out. When I drive I don’t notice the little changes that take place every day in my vehicle. I may drive it for years without thinking anything is wrong. Then, one day I have to swerve to miss a deer and am not able to. If I had taken care of the maintenance and made sure everything was up to standards the manufacturer had for my vehicle it would not have happened. God is our Creator and has standards for us. He has rules for living that His people must live by. These apply to us whether the society around us agree or not. As Christians we have a moral obligation to voice our opinion and state when something is wrong.

We have just begun studying the book of Daniel in our mid-week studies. I am reminded that three Hebrew young men stood up to a king in their convictions and God backed them up. In Daniel chapter three Nebuchadnezzar created a huge gold statue of himself and when music played the entire country was told to bow or burn. These three men were so set in what was right that they did not bow even though it meant death. We now are facing a culture that says certain things are right when God already said it is wrong and always will be. We have the moral obligation to stand on His principals and let our voice be heard. As a Christian you should be compelled to speak up, with your voice and your vote. That’s right; the devil has convinced many that Christians should leave their religion at home when they vote or even not vote at all. If God honored three men for standing up for what was right in defiance of a king He will surely agree with us showing up at the poles and standing for righteousness.

I don’t want to leave you thinking that all is lost since so much has happened negatively in one generation. Let me remind you that God has a way of bringing back a people in one generation. When Moses lead the people of God out of Egyptthere was still a lot of Egyptin them.  They fell into the worship of a golden calf-a sin they learned from Egypt. In one generation, forty years, He had a people who were dedicated to Him and ready to follow Him into battle to take the Promised Land. The book of Joshua tells the story of these people. They followed God and defeated the enemy. They worshipped Him only and did not tolerate sin. They did not rename sin as a condition or take in the culture of surrounding cultures. God can surely bring us around for the next generation! If we want to change things we will have to do two things. First, we must know what the Bible says is moral and immoral. We must realize that our opinion doesn’t count. Only what God states is righteous and unrighteous should be valued. Second, we must live according to these even if society around us says it’s opposite. We must teach these rules to our children and let them know that the world will often disagree. We must raise them with this knowledge so that they will also be in shock when it’s discussed and not accept it to be normal.

One last thing; I don’t want to leave the impression that I’m only talking about homosexuality. I am stating that in all ways the church is letting the standards of the world prevail. God doesn’t hate homosexuals, adulterers, drunkards or the like. God hates the sin because it destroys lives. We should never be unloving to someone just because they live in one of these states. All have sinned and come short of the glory of God. You and I have lived in times past in sin and if we are born-again have cast off these things. We must be merciful as God is merciful. We are not told to be tolerant of them to the point of acceptance though. Let us change this next generation and live according to God’s morality!

Prayer-Father, I ask for Your forgiveness for allowing the world to dictate what is right and what is wrong. We, Your people are to be the light of the world and are told to not put the light under a basket. I pray for each one who reads this message that they would see Your will in their lives. May each of us live so differently than the world that we change it and not allow it to change us.

In Jesus’ Name-Amen


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Philippians 3:13-14 Brethren, I count not myself to have apprehended: but this one thing I do, forgetting those things which are behind, and reaching forth unto those things which are before,I press toward the mark for the prize of the high calling of God in Christ Jesus.

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6 Responses to "Shame to Celebration in One Generation"

  1. Amy says:

    Great message today!!!
    I was wondering if you have ever done a message about women in the workplace and not staying home with there children and taking care of the home? I am very interested in this subject and would like to know how you and your family feels.

    1. paul paul says:

      Hi Sister-we do believe it is God’s best for women with children and a husband to be keepers at home according to Titus chapter 2. Since it states that they are “keepers” it makes sense that they are keeping something-thus i say women with children and a husband. However, there are times when women must work. (Perhaps the husband cannot, or she may be a single mother or some other hard ship may have happened to the family.)If, however, both spouses are working to have a bigger home, more cars, better clothes, (material things) I personally believe they will be going against what God ordains for the family to be. It has been my experience that everyone who has followed the Biblical outline for the family has NEVER regretted it. No one I ever met said” I wished that i had gone to work and put my children in the care of someone else” One last note: A lot of people disagree with me and believe both spouses should work and that children should be raised by the system. They are gambling that after twenty years of following their own ideas on child raising their children will turn out like they hope.. The bottom line is: if you can stay home and raise your children you will never regret it-Promise!

  2. Melinda Newsom says:


  3. Christine says:

    I just randomly stumbled across your website while my kids were napping. I am commenting on your comment about women in the workplace. I worked from the age of 13 until I became pregnant with my first child. From that moment on, I have stayed at home to raise my kids, while my husband works. It just felt right. I am not religious in the least bit, but I can respect anyone’s religion. However, that is not why I stay home with my children. Contrary to the way I grew up, I have always felt it was a man’s place to work and a woman’s place to care for the home. I have also always felt that while Mother’s word is law, Mother respects Father’s word. Father is the be-all-end-all of rule makers. Again, though, we are not religious. So this is nothing that we follow from a bible. It is just what we have discussed prior to having children, and what we feel is best for our family. I would also be quite interested in seeing a post by you about women in the workplace. I love reading the opinions of other people on this subject. That is, other people who do not instantly fly into rages and call people names. An intelligently worded post is always a nice read for me, no matter which side of the fence your opinion lies on.

    Thank you 🙂


    1. paul paul says:

      Thank you for commenting Christine. I know that truth is truth no matter how you find it. I also enjoy discussing without the rage some people seem to have, May you find the Lord in your life as He is not far from any of us. Acts 17:27


  4. Shellie says:

    Yes! Yes! Yes! Wonderful message, the Lord be praised! We’ve recently had a similar discussion here in our own home.

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