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            I saw a funny cartoon the other day. It had a turtle walking with a snail on his back. The snail had big bulging eyes and said “Slow down! You’re going to get us killed!” It made me laugh out loud as each person’s view is filtered by perspective. When I get in a hurry and drive a little faster than usual I think I’m the fastest car on the road. Then someone comes up behind me wanting to pass. I suppose that jet fighter pilots feel they are barely rolling when they get in automobiles and drive 80 MPH on the freeway. When we have a certain perspective we get a different view of life than other people.             We often come up on … Read entire article »

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Isaac’s Nursery

Isaac’s nursery is complete – now we are just waiting for him to arrive.  Hope you enjoy the pictures! Note from Haley: Here are pictures from Isaac’s nursery. We decided on a puppy dog theme. Everything has come together and is so cute! Mom came and painted a cuddly little puppy on his wall. It is so precious. Samuel’s grandmother made a puppy quilt for him when he was a boy and it is on a bed … Read entire article »

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           I suppose the title might be confusing for the message today. After all, we as Christians should have hope. I want to focus on attitudes this week. As salvation is a journey and not a one time experience we often find ourselves in the wrong places if we have taken our eyes off the Shepherd. We might experience something in life and adjust our hearts in a certain way just to get by, but we’ll be in error. I suppose that it’s human nature to do what we have to do in enduring something. As an example, we can have a loss in life where a loved one is taken and set our heart against God because we refuse to admit that He is Sovereign. … Read entire article »

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Wesley Nolen Turner

We are thrilled and blessed to announce the arrival of our newest grandson, Wesley Nolen Turner.  He is the third son of our daughter Amanda and her husband Jeremy.  He was born Tuesday, May 1 at 7:30 a.m. weighing 8 lbs and 9 ounces. God has once again blessed us beyond measure and we cannot be more thankful to Him for His enduring mercy and grace!   [nggallery id=38] … Read entire article »

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Moonlighting with the Devil

            Many years ago I worked for a company in another city. It was a great company with good pay. Many of the employees there were occasionally called out after hours to repair things and so we also made overtime pay on top of a good salary. One employee there who worked third shift was also known to be moonlighting. As a young man, someone had to explain to me what that was. A coworker explained that it meant he worked a second job besides his full time job with our company. The position he held was one of a control operator where he monitored the gas pipeline system. During the night, while all of us slept he was there to make sure the pressures were maintained. Then, when the world … Read entire article »

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A Little Baby/Pregnacy Update from Haley

Well friends –looks like Isaac could come any day! Had a great visit at the doctor’s yesterday. Test were good! My Doctor said that we could go ahead and have him whenever we were ready beginning next week. They don’t want to risk anything at this point so they are okay with going early. The biggest prayer request I ask for right now is that my blood pressure will stay at a good normal level. I have started having quite a bit of swelling and of course when I am in the doctor’s office my blood pressure has been a little elevated but not bad. There hasn’t been any sign of protein in my urine which is VERY GOOD!! As long as these levels stay low we are not at … Read entire article »

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