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35 Weeks, House Keeping and Chores Galore!


  35 weeks today! Isaac has now grown to an uncomfortable size and my belly is now officially in the way of everything I try to do. >not that I am complaining, I am loving it! Tried just leaning over the sink to wash dishes at Mom’s yesterday and that was hilarious! Anywho, he continues to make himself known to his Momma with all of the moving about. Even just sitting I feel like my intestines are rolling. Why does a kid playing in the McDonald’s ball play pen come to mind? That is exactly how my tummy feels –most of the time. He doesn’t like me to bend over or even sit up in a chair anymore. He told me it squishes him. I know he will be very strong because of the force he uses inside me now.

     We had a great doctor’s visit last week. The doctor has scheduled weekly visits to include a non stress test to monitor Isaac’s heart and functions. She stated that Isaac must have read up on how to pass because he did excellent! My weight, blood sugars and blood pressure have been great. It has been such a challenge but as the song goes HE GIVETH MORE GRACE as our burdens grow greater!

     Sam and I are ecstatic and just can’t wait. This has been harder than waiting for birthdays or Christmases when we were kids! Even now every moment I am trying to soak it all in. Every movement, every time he rolls over or stretches and even the other things like just lying down on the couch or in the bed for a few seconds to close my eyes, I just try to enjoy every moment. The big adventure begins….. so soon and we are nervous, anxious, excited, nervous, and did I say anxious and excited?!

     Well this is my “finish the house” week. Sam and I, while fighting the worst head cold last week moved 3 rooms around and 2 closets! The furniture has been rotated around and all the last house rearranging was done Saturday. Now I just have to go room to room and work on placing everything in its actual spot. Hopefully I will get this finished today.  Then by the end of the week I am going to scrub everything and do the last of the big cleaning for now. I’ve got to make sure the cabinets are all sorted and organized. Thankfully this is something I do routinely so they are not in bad shape.

      Also in between –for my break moments I am sewing and sewing A LOT! I have tried to organize all the work I have to do before he comes in a way that if something happened and I wasn’t able to get around like I have been or if he decided to come early, the harder things would be finished first. I think I have done pretty good so far. And this week I will complete the big stuff. Of course hopefully we still have 5 weeks so after this week –LORD WILLING I can relax and work on sewing.

     We will be planting our garden and finishing that tonight so all of my veggies will be good to go and all of my flower and herb beds are set for the summer! Sam’s Mom is all moved into her new home. She is recently married so we are glad she is getting settled in! Also tomorrow –PLEASE PRAY our sister Amanda and her husband Jeremy’s new little Wesley will be born. So we are very excited about that too! Can’t wait to go experience that in the morning.

     On the whole there is so much going on. Life is happening all around us –and in us! HA! I am overwhelmed with God’s great blessings and the mercy He has given me and my family. I am so grateful for all of life He allows me to endure and enjoy.

     I look forward to the whole world just coming to a stop and our new adventure beginning in 5 weeks! So much is changing and I can see looking from the outside in that this is one of those new phases in our lives that happen often enough where your world changes and things that consumed your time are no longer there or are important. It is those where you step onto the next train or boat to go to the next part of your journey through life. It is bitter sweet. Sam and I laid resting and talking yesterday about how in about 5 weeks it would no longer just be the two of us. We really have grown to treasure every moment together. And even though we love the solitude and delight of just being the two of us we are also excited about becoming 3 of us.

     We talk a lot about the ways families grow and things that happen that affect the individual relationships when children come into the picture. We not only want to build a strong and happy and healthy parent and child relationship but we also want to maintain and continue to grow a wonderful husband and wife relationship. Please pray for our journey whenever you think of us.

     Also on a side note, I would ask for your prayers for Sam and his work. He has been working so hard to provide for our family and on the side does a lot of extra jobs to help keep up. We have been praying and looking for him a better situation, but nothing has come yet. I am sure this scenario of the bills that weren’t so big yesterday but seem to grow overnight in size because of limits in income is an all too familiar sight to everyone so I would ask you pray for God to bring us more and better work. The company Sam works for has been cutting more and more hours and now it looks like a week of nothing. That always happens in the loveliest of times doesn’t it? We aren’t worried as we know God supplies work for those who are willing to do it. So please pray with us that God will send Sam a good job to provide for our family.

Well I suppose it is time now to go start on my house cleaning projects. I have got to make a batch of Laundry soap this morning and get the laundry out on the line. Thank you for reading my silly post. I appreciate your interest and your love and most of all your prayers!

God be with you and lead your every step!



Added Note*** Just thought I would PRAISE THE LORD! After about 2 hours of posting this note this morning. Sam’s employer called him back to work and was able to give him a few hours today! God is SO GREAT! He supplies what we need and even though sometimes we don’t know what is going to happen we walk outside and see the manna resting there for us to bend over and pick up! Thank you Lord for our daily bread, as you never leave us hungry!


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2 Responses to "35 Weeks, House Keeping and Chores Galore!"

  1. Jennifer says:

    I am so excited for you! I have been looking for an update on you and baby Isaac. I too am 35 weeks, expecting our 6th blessing (5th son). The anxiousness and excitement never dulls, no matter how many blessings God adds to our family. God is so good and the miracle of babies being born always amazes me…oh how great our God is! I too am busy sewing and cleaning as well as hoping to finish up our homeschooling lessons. Our first born, we also named Isaac, such a fine name. I pray your final weeks of this precious time is as comfortable as possible and that it is an easy delivery. 🙂

    In Christ,


  2. Samantha says:

    That is such a beautiful picture

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