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Fresh Bread

           I have been doing a lot of thinking about human nature lately. It seems that no matter who we are we all have common shortcomings and weaknesses. Isaiah wrote that we all, just like sheep, have gone astray and followed our own ways (Is 53:6). I am just like you in that I don’t like to admit weaknesses. Some days I’d prefer to hide behind a mask and pretend that everything is better than it really is. Maybe we have even been taught by society to keep a smile and at least act nice when things are really bad. I conclude, after reading God’s Word that He wants us to live truthfully and honestly in this world.           If you and I are surrounded by people … Read entire article »

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           I want to tell you about some incidents that occurred this week. Well, these past two weeks, actually, I had all sorts of technologies that failed me. I have a company Blackberry that went absolutely bizerk. It began by losing all my contacts in my address book (500 of them). I reset it and reloaded. Then a few days later it happened again. I reset it and only half of them came up. I began to try other type re-settings and called our Help Desk. They restarted my account in the server and when it was put back not only did it not have my contacts but I could no longer get email. The eventual solution was to completely wipe it clean of all software … Read entire article »

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ABC3340 News Story

This is a news story a Birmingham Television station ran on us. Click on the link below…           … Read entire article »

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Apologies and Repentance

          This week, while listening to a conversation between two people I heard something remarkable. There was an issue between the two and as he had always done, one of them apologized to the other. It was a scene that didn’t particularly strike me as unusual in any way. I have often had to apologize to someone for something I had done wrong. But the response from the other person absolutely astounded me. They told the first person that if the issue was small enough to be fixed with an apology it would have been too small to even bring up.           It was as if the planet came to a screeching halt! I jumped to find something to write on before the thought escaped me. No one even … Read entire article »

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Haley Marie

Haley Marie

Happy 28th Birthday to our wonderful Haley Marie!   She was born on a leap year and when I went into the hospital two days before (toxemia) they asked what day I wanted her birthday listed as since she would actually be born on leap year day, February 29th.  I said March 1st and then she decided to wait till March 1st anyway.  Oh, the joy this precious little girl has brought into the lives of … Read entire article »

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