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Haley’s Pregnancy Update

Great Love

I have heard many times of the different extremes about one’s experience of pregnancy. At one end you hear of the never ending battle of nausea, vomiting and the constant desire for the baby to hurry up and get this thing over with! One the other end I have heard tales of sweet soft butterflies in your tummy, perfect nails and hair and how I never felt better in my whole life than when I was pregnant.

 Most women even say that none of their pregnancies are alike. One pregnancy was smooth sailing and the other a dreaded nightmare of sickness day and night. My mother always said that even though at times in her pregnancy she had it rough on the whole she loved being pregnant every minute of it. I often wondered how this would be for me.

 For me this experience has been incredible. It is a dream come true. Thankfully to our Lord I feel that I have done very well…. So far J (spoken with great appreciation and hope…) I have had a lot of aching from stretching –although I have yet to reach the final months. I have be blessed to not feel extremely nauseous or been sick from food. Of which I am truly grateful!

I suppose my hardest pains so far have been the side and tummy pains from stretching, difficulty sleeping, some back soreness and breathing troubles. But on the whole I feel I have done extremely well.

 This past weekend our lovely little one finally made his presence known to where there was no doubt of what it was I was feeling. For weeks, well months I have been reading about baby’s movements and how it feels and when it normally occurs. He decided to take his time to show his acrobatic abilities you might say. But how grateful I am to finally know this feeling. Most people’s reaction tends to be oh it gets worse and just wait till you can’t sleep at night. Perhaps it does get a bit frustrating, but oh how grateful I am to experience this miracle. I suppose in my heart I gladly await each nudge and bump knowing that the Lord has given me so much.


Samuel finally settled on our little bit’s name too. He shall be named Samuel Isaac Robertson. We will call him Isaac. We love that his initials will be SIR! How funny.

Samuel means “God hears or has heard” This is so appropriate because like Hannah my prayers have been heard. Isaac means “Laughter” and so far there is no mistaking the joy and laughter he has brought into our lives already.


The work on our nursery has begun. The whole family came over to help this past weekend to help. There is a bit to finish on the paint but most of it has been done! Now the fun of decorating comes. And what woman doesn’t love this task? We are doing a puppy dog theme.


Samuel and I got more fabric for me to continue working on cloth diapers. I also got some puppy dog material and want to make him a little quilt to hang in his room.

For someone who was raised learning how to make her own clothes, do needlework and sewing, making crafts and learning why homemade is more valuable in the long run, I was so eager to start my own home where I could use these skills. But because of my working outside of the home, I have been unable to really do this to the extent that I would like. And now that my current project is “BABY”, my mind has been racing on using these skills to create a little haven for our son that is filled with meaningful gifts.


This also brings me to another WONDERFUL update! My days of being stay at home homemaker and momma are close at hand! YES you read right! God has blessed us so that by the end of March I will be able to be home full time! I cannot fully express the feelings that overwhelm my heart and spirit because the end is in sight so to speak. For me this moment that waits ahead is the answer to an innumerable amount of prayers. It is the proper destination for my feet and placement for my work abilities. There is no doubt within my soul that this is the place the Lord Almighty would have me be and serve in His kingdom.

 I know that God has had me right where He needed me for the time I have been employed. I pray that I have not failed in my service. But I can’t tell you just how amazing it feels to know you are serving where He wants you to be! This of course does not mean that struggles and challenges disappear, but the fulfillment of knowing you are where you are suppose to be is extraordinary.


Well I suppose at this time, this is all of the updates I have. Looking forward to bringing you more as they come!

Please continue to keep Samuel, Isaac and me in your prayers. Thank you for the ones you’ve given!





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2 Responses to "Haley’s Pregnancy Update"

  1. Charlene Makofsky says:

    Haley, I so enjoyed your posts about your pregnancy. I too grew up sewing, knitting, doing hand work and crafts from a very young age. I sewed my entire nursery, from rocking chair pad, bumper pad, changing pads, baby bedding, dust ruffles, curtains, diaper bag for end of crib, toy animals, books that made crinkle noises, quilted blankets, etc. I sewed some diapers into the “diaper shape” and had adjustable snaps on them like the old Diaper Services used to have. I loved folding regular diapers too. We took our diaper pail on trips and never had one issue with rubber pants and real diapers, even on long days when away from home. I knit baby bunting, sweaters, and booties. I made baby clothes and crocheted throws too. I sewed and embroidered a special Christening outfit. My sweet Mother-in-Law took me to a bridal shop as a gift and purchased all the fine Batiste fabric and trim for the Christening gown. It was a special gift. It was such an incredible joy to be pregnant. I lived in the “baby zone” for 20 years, lol. I was almost 41 with my last son. But God has perfect timing. I loved every single second. Breast feeding was a total joy. I prayed for the Lord to wean my babies because I didn’t want too, lol! And He did! Every stage of my children growing up has been a total joy. I prayed for at least 5 children but would have had more if God had chosen that for me. God gave me 3 wonderful children and now 2 grand babies which I see as God giving me “the 5” (so far!) =) The years go by so, so fast. And I LOVE the name Isaac! You are all in my prayers. Love, Ms. Charlene Hope to see you all soon.

  2. Anna says:

    Haley, Thank you so much for your witness. As someone who cannot have children (which is a grief to me, which I give to the Lord and through which I have learned–and been given–so much!) it fills me with joy and peace to hear of someone who is approaching even the less comfortable parts of pregnancy with courage, grace, and patience. Thank you!

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