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             This week while I was studying the book of 1st Thessalonians I found a passage that touched me. Follow with me to chapter four where Paul is giving instruction for Godly living. I was pondering different families this week and examining how people live. There is a general pattern of busyness that the majority of society follows after. As with most things, the people of God seem to live in this manner without ever stopping to see if it’s right or not. Please don’t take me wrong here; neither I nor my family has everything perfect. When I make statements it might be assumed that I am saying things out of pride. Indeed, I have been called “holier than thou” because I state something … Read entire article »

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Get Your Field Ready

          I spent the day working outside. The weather has been marvelously warm for winter and I had some new fruit and nut trees to plant. For many years now we have been constantly planting things that bear. At one time I followed the crowd and put out ornamental and landscape plants. I really didn’t think beyond what I wanted things to look like. When we began our life changes we realized that a person can grow food right in their own yard in the same space that ornamental things grow. Why would we plant a Bradford Pear that is beautiful for about 10 days a year? Why not put out a Bartlett Pear that still has beautiful blooms but also produces fruit?           So today, I planted a … Read entire article »

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Hear Here!

 Many years ago when I taught Sunday School I had a group of young people that I wanted to explain something to. I began by telling them that at this moment there were voices in the room speaking all at the same time. I asked them to listen. We sat in silence for a moment while they cocked their ears around trying to hear what I meant. They all looked around and then gazed at me as if I were crazy. It was exactly the point I wanted to make. I then told them that they couldn’t hear these voices without some help. At that point I pulled out a radio and turned it on. As I tuned up and down they all laughed and thought I was trying to be funny. … Read entire article »

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Haley’s Pregnancy Update

Haley’s Pregnancy Update

I have heard many times of the different extremes about one’s experience of pregnancy. At one end you hear of the never ending battle of nausea, vomiting and the constant desire for the baby to hurry up and get this thing over with! One the other end I have heard tales of sweet soft butterflies in your tummy, perfect nails and hair and how I never felt better in my whole life than when I … Read entire article »

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Walking, Standing and Sitting

          Please turn with me to the Book of Psalms first chapter. This book has some very poetic writings and it is known as the song book of God’s people. Often you will see small Bibles that have the New Testament and Psalms. This is a significant book. We had a discussion one time within our family. The  question was “if you were limited to having just one book of the Bible for the rest of your life which one would you choose?” More than one member of my family chose the Book of Psalms. I can agree with that. It has one hundred and fifty distinct poems that express great emotion of praise toward God.           I gave this brief synopsis of the Book of Psalms … Read entire article »

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