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We’re Expecting!!!

Dear Friends – Samuel and I are so excited to announce that we are expecting our very first sweet angel!!!! We are so excited about becoming parents. This is something we have prayed for and God has seen to bless us with this wonderful surprise. Samuel and I found out we were expecting in September of 2011. We have 2 wonderful doctors that I love!!! They are both taking really good care of me and the baby.

Many people know that in the beginning we found out that we were going to be parents of twins. This news was so overwhelming but we were ecstatic! At about 14 weeks we found out that God decided it was not something for us to take on at this time. And He saved one of our angels and took them home. This was the hardest thing I think we have ever had to face in our lives. I suppose for many people this may seem silly, not ever having seen our angel take its first breath. But we take comfort in knowing that our Lord knows best. In a way we see this baby as already saved. And nothing can change the fact that this baby happily awaits us in heaven, when we finally make that part of our journey.

But with this separation God did not call our 2nd baby home. And this little wiggle worm continues to grow bigger and healthier by the minute. January 20, 2012 we found out that our sweet angel is a boy! In all honesty I never really thought I would have a son –I don’t exactly know why. BUT I am so excited now and Sam too! At this time we are working on baby names. We already know that Samuel will be his first name, but the second name by which we will call him has yet to be settled on. We continue to narrow the list. I can’t wait until we have this decided!!!

We also get to start actually putting the nursery together. We have decided to do little puppy dogs as a theme! Finding out what gender our sweet angel too gives me the opportunity to begin finally working on his clothes. Little Samuel will be dressed in plain clothes so I will begin working on little broad falls and shirts. I am also working on cloth diapers. I hope to be able to use cloth diapers for the length of his diaper needs.

We have a lot to do to get ready but we are so happy that God has given us the chance to be parents. Our biggest desire is to raise a Godly son, whose love for God is known without question! (As is for all of our children!) So we ask that you keep us in your prayers. First that our little dear will grow healthy and strong and will have a deep love and passion for serving Christ. And that God will give us the guidance and direction to raise this child the way he would have us! Thanks for the prayers. I will try to update as often as I can! Samuel and Haley Robertson

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