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20 Weeks!

Friday, January 20th we found out were are having a boy!!!

Little man folded in half! Toes on his head!

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3 Responses to "20 Weeks!"

  1. Baron Hawkins says:

    CONGRATULATIONS!! Jessica and I are so happy for you. I think of you often and wonder just how you are doing. We will continue to pray for you, and I know you will be wonderful parents.

    1. Baron says:

      Baron, Thank you so much! We are doing well. Every day brings a new experience to the story, but we are so excited about all the Lord is blessing us with! Thank you for the prayers! Haley

  2. Cath says:

    Ohhhhh Haley, we’re soooo happy for you!! Cheering you on, up here in Canada!

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