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2012 Garden

This is going to be the ongoing record of our 2012 garden year at Shepherds Hill – will add pictures each month:


January 2nd – Monday- Very Cold, Sunny – high 44 low 21

[nggallery id=34]

January 7th – Moved smallest raised bed behind Kiwi Arbor to area near Tee-pee Pole – noticed termite damage on one corner.  Wood was untreated.  Lasted 3 years.  Dug up compost bin structure to turn and enlarge.  Collected all the dried gourds from growing area and moved to porch to finish drying – birdhouse, dipper and bottle gourds.

Over-seeded the inner pasture with rye grass mix.

January 8th – Rainy, Overcast  – high 62 low 52

Planted Beets – ? variety, Dwarf Blue Curled Kale – Vate’s Strain, Tendersweet Carrots and Danvers #126 Carrots

January 9th – Mostly cloudy with some periodic sunshine – Hi 59 low 50

Transplanted some onion plants and lettuce plants that I started back in the fall and some volunteer romaine lettuce that came up from last Spring’s crop.  Also planted about 12 Foxgloves that I started back in the Spring.

January 11th  –  Rainy

Planted 4 rows of Alaska Wilt Resistant Sugar Snap Peas – dug rows, placed seeds and then left them exposed overnight during a good heavy rain.  Covered them over the next morning before freezing temps were to hit the next night. Need to get at least 6 more rows planted this coming week in order to match last year’s production.

January 21 – Stormy with HEAVY rain – Hi 64 low 45

After heavy rain all morning and then sunshine for several hours, we were able to get out into the garden.  Planted 75 Texas Sweet onions, 150 Georgia Yellow Onions, 18 Early Cloud Cauliflower and 9 Bubbles Brussels Sprouts.  Also weeded all the 4 strawberry beds and removed weed cloth.  Will be adding pinestraw mulch to them ASAP.  Pulled most of the old broccoli plants and left a few for seed production.  Noticed the Hyacinths, Tulips and Daffodils are really coming up.  Spotted some peonies beginning to come up and cilantro has reseeded in the garden – several plants near the chives. Also noticed the second elephant garlic has finally come up!

January 22 – Rainy – 

Brought home about 10 feed size bags of rabbit manure and hay cleanings from a rabbitry and spread those on the raised beds.  Just as we were finishing up that last bags it began to rain pretty hard.  Yeah!

January 23 – Seedlings are up!  Placed them on heated pads and under grow lights – spritzed with water about every 6 hours.

January 25 – Beautiful sunshine – Hi 65 

Pulled weeds in the flower beds.  Pulled old broccoli stalks and cabbage stalks from raised beds.  Left several broccoli for side-shoot development. Shelled okra pods to separate the seeds.  

January 26 – Thunderstorms – Hi 68 – Low 45

Planted seed flats – California Wonder Peppers,Golden Marconi, Quadrato D’Asti Giallo, Jalapeno, Pepperoncini Peppers, Black Beauty Eggplant, Aswad Eggplant. Sowed 4 packs Shirley Poppy seed near herb garden.  Transplanted 18 Bronze Fennel seedlings from herb garden into pots for sale.  



January 31st – Rainy -Hi 64- Low 50

Just finished seeding some more flats – Blue Curled Kale, Cherokee Purple tomato, Pink German tomato, Black Giant tomato, Palco Spinach, Carentan Leek, Neon Lights Swiss Chard, German Chamomile, Broad Leaf Sage, Blue Hyssop, Chives and Calendula – Lord bless the seed and cause it to grow!


February 4 – Cloudy – Hi 73 – Low 52

Pruned our neighbors fruit trees today as well as ours. Planted two new apple trees that we were given by our wonderful neighbors! Pruned the large butterfly bush in the flower garden area, transplanted some more seedlings into pots and planted about 30 rosemary cuttings out and about. It has been a very productive day!! Now to the shower!

February 18th – Rainy – Hi 61 – Low 44

Planted two new blueberry bushes – a Tiff Blue and a Premier and two Stuart papershell pecan trees. It is drizzling rain with more to come tonight so they should get a nice start.

February 21 – Sunny – Hi 64 – Low 44

Fedco seed order arrived!!

February 29 – Windy – Hi 73 – Low 62

Got a jump on the rain – planted 9 more Brussels sprouts and 23 more strawberries. That brings our strawberry beds to a total of 5 – yeah!! 


March 10 -HOMESTEADER’S DAY!!!  – Hi 69 – Low 39 – PERFECT WEATHER

Enjoyed the day immensely – nice group – gave away Bronze Fennel, Rosemary, Comfrey, Thyme, Yarrow and Sedum starts to each person.  Casting my “bread” upon the waters – thank you Lord for your tremendous blessings!

March 14 – Foggy Morning –  Hi 79 – Low 55

Lumber company has started logging across the road.  Not happy about it but will certainly let in a lot more sun on the south side of the garden. This will change a lot especially in the asparagus garden area.  It never had enough sun in the summer.  Might be able to grow some tomatoes and peppers out there.  Will have to check on best companion plants for the asparagus and strawberry beds.

March 16 – Sunny with some clouds – Hi 82 – Low 59 

Harvested another bunch of Asparagus.

March 19 – Sunny – Hi 86 – Low 53

Very warm today.  Planted 7 Zucchini transplants – Elite, 6 sweet Banana Peppers, 7 Celebrity tomatoes, 7 Bonnie Green Bell Peppers.  Hopefully this warm weather will give us a jump on the harvest.  Will cover if frost or freeze threatens but forecast looks warm all the way to April.

Harvested another bunch of asparagus and Swiss chard.

Planted flat with Cumin, French Long Lavender, Horehound and Rue.  Planted Bouquet Dill and Feverfew in the herb garden.  Already had feverfew but want a larger stand of it.  Hopefully the dill will produce well – been having trouble getting it to re-seed lately.  Never had that problem before.

Finally got my order from Richters.  Very slow in getting here – will have to bare that in mind on next order.

March 20 – Sunny – Hi 83 – Low 56

Planted wide row of Marigolds, 4 rows (two wide rows) of Kentucky Wonder Bush Beans.  Weeded north side of Asparagus bed and smaller bed.  Watered new grass seed in pasture and plantings in big garden.

March 27 – 

Paul sprayed the fruit trees.

March 29 – Sunny – High 86 – Low 57

Planted Waltham Butternut Squash transplants, Big Max and Monster Pumpkin Seeds, True Blue Hubbard Squash.  Planted 50 onion plants.  Green bush beans are coming up and doing well.

Paul finished discing and scraping the big garden area.




May 22 – Planted nasturtiums (Jewel Mix and Whirlybird 7-Color Blend – Fedco Seeds) around the Scarlet Runner Bean teepee.  Planted Swirls, Oklahoma Golden Yellow and Benary’s Giants Mix Zinnias on East side of bean tepee near gazebo walkway.  Planted Panorama Red Shades Bee Balm, Autumn Beauty Mix Sunflower in border at west side of bean tepee near strawberry beds.  

Planted Bushel Gourds at south end of trellis in row crop garden.

Squash bugs and Japanese Beetles all over – hit the scallop squash first.

May 23 – Planted G90 corn in row garden – 12 rows.  Also put out the Elecampane, verbascum “Southern Charm”, Rue, and Dyer’s Broom that I started back in March. I transplanted the French Long Lavender and Horehound seedlings into larger pots and will move them out in another week or so.



25th – Sunny – Hi 92 – Low 68 – very much in need of rain – waxing moon – above ground crops

Started 8 Mulberry cuttings given to me by Phillip Carroll – the cuttings came from a mulberry in Philadelphia, PA.  Hopefully they will root!

Harvested:  Cucumbers, cantaloupe, tomatoes, broccoli side shoots, okra, peppers – banana and bell, zucchini, cabbage,  Also harvested three of the passion flower fruit – good size (large lemon).

Cleared more spent broccoli and cauliflower stems from one of the beds.  Will plant more cantaloupe there.

Planting more green beans, zinnias, sunflowers and cantaloupe this evening

Watering today –

July 2012

17th – High 83 – overcast – Low

Planted Yellow Summer Crookneck Squash in Bed 14

Cleared and double dug Bed 5 – Harvested 4 1/2 pounds of volunteer potatoes, 9 pounds of Cherokee Purple Tomatoes

Humidity seems to be taking its toll on the garden – tomatoes especially.  Will begin fall seeds in the next week or two.







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"It is of the LORD's mercies that we are not consumed, because his compassions fail not. They are new every morning: great is thy faithfulness. The LORD is my portion, saith my soul; therefore will I hope in him." Lamentations 3:22-24

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6 Responses to "2012 Garden"

  1. Leona Benson says:

    I am amazed that u r able to do so much planting already? I live in Missouri, zone 5 , and am still 6 weeks away from anything except maybe Spinach. Reading ur post have been a wonderful treat for me. You have not mentioned using Hoop gardens?or types of covered beds. Do u have no need for these?

    1. Angelia Angelia says:

      Hi Leona – Yes, we are in Zone 7 so we have a pretty long growing season – actually I can grow something all year with the help of covered beds in extreme cases. Low tunnels/hoop houses are a blessing and I do employ those when necessary.

  2. Denise says:

    I enjoy reading your updates and progress. We are in Northern North Carolina and I understand that we are also in zone 7. I am hoping to start a strawberry patch of about 25 plants this time, and build each year from there. What is the variety you recommend? Or, do you plant several varieties? Also, have you learned any secrets or tips you may want to share about growing strawberries? Forgive me if you have already answered these questions elsewhere.

    1. Angelia Angelia says:

      Hi Denise – Sorry about the late response – just found your comment. I do several varieties of strawberries but most important is to know if they are June bearing (all come in at the same time) or ever-bearing (comes in all summer but never in large amounts). We do both – June bearing for canning and freezing and ever-bearing for munching all summer. One tip is to use pinestraw as your mulch – like blueberries, strawberries love pinestraw and also keep an eye out for slugs. They love strawberries as much as we do.

      1. Denise says:

        Thank you so very much for explaining that. I have ever-bearing, so it seems we really needed to get the June bearing as I had intended to do some freezing this year. I could never really understand the difference before!
        I do see that it would be beneficial to have both kinds…..the best of both worlds!
        Blessings to your family.


  3. Delores Gorter says:

    Your garden is really giving me spring fever….here it’s 7 degrees and we just got another 4 inches of snow. I am afraid our growing season is still months away. At least I will have the joy to watch your garden grow.

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