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     I love the way that God works! I love the way that God reveals Himself so clearly just when we need to see. Just this morning I was headed down to the creek to do some clearing of brush. I have been trying to get our creek bank cleared up so that when warm weather arrives we can keep a clear view of any snakes. As I was walking down the hill I was pondering the day’s events. Today we had a nice article about our family published in a local newspaper. A few weeks ago there was another article published in the news letter for my employer. The thought I was thinking was, “Why? What is God doing?”           My thoughts went back in a rush to twenty … Read entire article »

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Righteous Souls Vexed

          For my daily devotions I have begun to read a book called “Men of the Bible” by Dwight L Moody. Even though it was written a hundred and thirty years ago it is wonderfully relevant. I always love timeless writings. As Brother Moody was going through the Old Testament he came to Abraham. Of course, we all know who Father Abraham is and about his great faith. It would have been expected that he would be in such a book. But associated with Abraham was his nephew  Lot and his story was there as well.           We sometimes get heroes in life in which we put on a pedestal. Our heroes are greater in our hearts than they actually are in real life. Every person in … Read entire article »

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Producing or Consuming?

Producing or Consuming?           Angie and I receive some wonderful email each week. It always amazes me at how the website gets around and who looks at it. With the change to the new site a few months back we not only can see the hits on the site but also statistics of what pages are popular, which articles get read the most, and general locations that people are in who are reading. If you look at the “Map of Visitors” link on the bottom you can see how many states and countries have visited. We often get letters that prompt us to write articles, messages and answer questions. This article came from one such letter. The question was “should Christians be like the world in being consumers or should they … Read entire article »

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Count the Cost

            Over the past seven days I had one of those weeks that seemed to never end. I’ve been working on a project at my job that is the largest in scope of any we have ever done. All of the technicians in my group are working long hours and the end is not in sight. It has been a long drawn out ordeal of replacing systems in offices and there is little room for error. When I began the project this past spring I was warned by Analysts of other areas that my life was about to get busy. I have seen many projects over my thirty-five year career of doing this kind of work. Surely this one was no different. My boss even gave me the chance to … Read entire article »

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