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Busy Bee Lip Balms

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Try Busy Bee Lip Balm, and you’ll never go back to the chemical stix! With just four simple ingredients, this smooth, creamy balm will keep your smackers soft and healthy. We currently have 3 yummy flavors available:

  • Peppermint

  • Pink Lemonade (smells just like skittles!)

  • Fruit Smoothie (mixed flavors of watermelon, peach, mango, tangerine and strawberry)

  • Very Cherry flavor and Yummy Honey flavor will be available again soon!




 Email to Order:


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Busy Bee Balms

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We offer a range of balms made from natural ingredients for safe and healthy skincare. Simply made. Simply packaged. Simply priced.

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7 Responses to "Busy Bee Lip Balms"

  1. Brenda says:

    Just wanted to let you know they look great…

  2. Peggy Key says:

    I was so excited to get my hand balms (lavender) and my lip balm (peach) in the mail. I immediately opened the lip balm and I LOVE the peach. It is a nice soft smell and my lips feel great! The hand balm is wonderful, too. I can’t wait for my daughter to try it. She has a tough time with very dry skin. Thanks, Sarah. This made my day!

  3. Barbara McGouirk says:

    Sarah, we visited you last Saturday to pick up Ima, you gave us some Busy Bee Lip Balm, WOW!!!! We love it, I can hardly wait to order more and give as gifts.

  4. Deb Payne says:

    Sarah, thank you so much for the lip balms and hand balm. They are both fantastic. My lips have never felt better! Most balms leave them feeling worse off after the balm wears off but these leave my lips nice and soft and moisturized! (They taste pretty fantastic too!)

  5. susan says:

    Hi Sarah,

    i’m susan, i’m so interested in product of lip balm and hand balm.

    may i know is there any harmful ingredient in the product. hope you don’t mind that i ask you this question. please do let me know…


    1. Angelia Angelia says:

      No Susan – unless you are allergic to the all natural ingredients which there is no way we can know that. There are no chemicals added to Sarah’s balms at all!!!

      1. susan says:

        Thanks Sarah, im not allergic to all natural ingredient, is that i want
        to make sure that there is no chemical in it. cause i do not want harmful ingredient, to avoid it.

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