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Knitted Flowers

My knitting basket has been sitting idle far too long, so I decided to spend this rainy Labor Day creating some simple, knitted flowers. There are many types and styles out there and they can be used to embellish sweaters, winter-caps, bags and just about anything else! I did a quick search and found a basic pattern…then I made some adjustments! I never seem to be able to follow patterns as-written! 🙂

    Happy Knitting!


Here is the basic pattern. You can add to the number of cast-on stitches to make it bigger or knit an extra row to increase fullness.  Just play around with it and see what you can come up with! Then send me a picture! 🙂

-I used Size 8 Needles on the small ones and Size 11 on the bigger Red Flower.

-Any yarn will work; I used a variety of yarns as you can see in the pictures.

-You will need a yarn needle


1) Cast on about 58 stitches.

2) K row.

3) K1, BO 5 stitches leaving last stitch On. Repeat  to end.

4) Cut yarn leaving an 10 inch tail.

5) With yarn needle thread tail through all remaining stitches and pull. Slide stitches of the knitting needle. Pull the yarn needle all the way through until it is as tight as you want.  **I curled mine around to make a 2-layerd flower, so I did not pull it extremely tight. But you can pull it all the way and create a ruffled, one-layered flower.

 Securely tie off and cut any ends.

Stitch on a button for the middle or knit a center piece in a different color.


11) Cast on about 7 stitches.

2) K row.

3) K1, BO 2, K1, BO 2, K1. 4) Cut yarn leaving a 10 inch tail.

5) With yarn needle, thread tail through all remaining stitches and pull. Slide stitches of the knitting needle. Pull tight and stitch the two ends together to make a complete circle. Secure with a knot.

Stitch the center piece to the middle of the flower using yarn needle. 

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2 Responses to "Knitted Flowers"

  1. Lisa says:

    Your flowers are lovely! I think they’d make great gift toppers, or with a pin attached for a non-wilting corsage, or make up a lot of them for a bouquet, or with a little cheery note for someone who needs a smile. I can think of tons of uses for those.

  2. Christina says:

    Oh, how I wish I could knit. Do come up with crotchet instructions!

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