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Is this really happening!?!

Yesterday (8-17-11) I went with Erin to her OB appointment in Birmingham. Erin and I have always been really close. We are 2 years apart, always shared a room growing-up. If there was a toy we were given that was the same she would get the pink and I’d get the blue. I remember, especially now, the time when we were little girls and we would stuff pillows in our shirts to look like we were having a baby. To be honest, what little girl does not do this. Well, as we are waiting for the doctor in the exam room I start thinking about the old times when would pretend and here Erin sits, with this huge belly that inside a little boy is living and growing, getting ready to come into this world. Dr. Heidi comes in with her monitor, places the microphone on Erin’s stomach and all of a sudden you can hear this “babum, babum” loudly thumping away. Erin has four weeks left. Paul could come tonight, tomorrow, the 26th (my birthday which would be awesome!!), or on his due date- the 12th of September. All I can think is “Wait a second! Uhuh! No way this is happening!” but it is. It really is happening! 


Erin at 8 months

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2 Responses to "Is this really happening!?!"

  1. Erin says:

    😀 Isn’t it crazy what you pretend when you are little and then one day you wake up and those little games or dreams are your life? I love you so much! We did have some great times growing up 😀 I miss those days of being little and carefree, but we have grown up and sometimes it feels like it goes to fast! I can’t wait till you walk down the aisle and Im the one sitting in the chair watching that little monitor run up your belly! I still wish you would have spent the night with me 😛

  2. Carol says:

    Hi Olivia, Wow! Yes, this is really happening!!! I’m with you in your excitement; looking forward to the arrival of little Paul+at the same time reminiscing of bygone days with Erin. Praying for a safe delivery, healthy baby, and OODLES of joy for you and the whole family!!! Blessings, John+Carol Lukaszewicz

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