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Equipment for Keeping Bees

What “WE” think you need:

1. 2 Hives –

  • Everybody uses different things on their hives. Some use inner covers, some don’t. Here in Alabama it gets hotter than up North, so what you will need to use on your hive will differ. Our hives consist of: 1 DEEP SUPER or DEEP BODY – this is your most important part of the hive. This is where your queen bee will live and produce ALL the workers and drones to keep your hive going. 


  • Queen Excluder – this piece of equipment is not used by all beekeepers. It comes in wood, plastic or metal. It is very thin and fits over the top of you DEEP SUPER. It allows the worker bees to move from the DEEP SUPER to the HONEY SUPER, but contains the queen be in the bottom. It prevents the queen from laying eggs in the honey that you will extract. It is a time saver so you don’t have to find the queen when extracting, but it is not necessary.


  • HONEY SUPERS – these boxes come in Medium and Shallow. It does not matter what size you use, however you must purchase the right size frame for each one. 


2. Smoker –


3. Hive Tool


5. Feeder 


4. Bee Protective Gear


Later on:

When you have an established hive and you are want to extract honey you will need some more equipment.

  • Uncapping knife – these knives are made especially for beekeeping. They are serrated on both edges and curved at the tip. You can also purchase electric ones that stay heated while harvesting honey. However, you can use a long serrated kitchen knife to get the job done too.


  • Uncapping bucket – We use a old wash tub that we found at an Antique store. They make special bowls and buckets for such a job.


    • Extractor – These come in all shapes and sizes. From 2 frame manual to 20 frame electric. We do recommend purchasing one of these or finding someone who will lend one to you. They can be quiet expensive and can be sometimes found at junk store or antique stores for a low price and a few repairs. 


  • Filter – We purchased a 3 dollar “Medium” filter from a bee supply company that sits down in a 5 gallon bucket. Not everyone filters their honey, however we find that it is something that takes no more time and it is nice to not have honey bee parts floating around in your honey.


  • Bucket with Drain Valve – these are available at any bee supplier and can also be made from items at you hardware store. It makes it easier when filling your jars with honey. 

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