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About Us – Sam and Haley

Samuel and I met in the fall of 2007 and we started courting on Oct 13, 2007. Although we lived rather different lifestyles our faith was very much the same. After 2 years of courting and growing together Sam asked me to marry him. As we both felt convicted that this was God’s plan for our lives and that we had finally met our right one, I said yes!

On July 11, 2009 in Gulf Shores, Alabama. Sam made a fairytale proposal in the sunset on the beach (of course with his family all around watching from the side). And the rest is history…..

Well actually there is more to tell. 🙂 We planned for a spring wedding the following year and while it gave us plenty of time to prepare it was so hard to wait.

The wonderful day in our lives finally took place on April 10, 2010. Sam and I were married in our hometown area at a park. I have never seen a prettier day. The weather was beautiful and everything was just splendid.

Emotional whirlwind was the day and like every young betrothed couple we feared we would not see the end. But it came and I guess unless you have ever had the experience there are no words to express the feelings of great joy and great sorrow.

To know that you are being moved from a stable, happy, protected home to one that is yet to be established and has yet to be experienced is quite scary. I know that through it all we may not had been able to bare it except we knew the leading of the Lord and had all confidence we were taking the right step in his will.

We were married with family and friends around. I am ever so grateful for the outpouring of love and encouragement we had during that time. SO many prayers were lifted.

Since that day Sam and I have gone through so much, putting into practice all that we had been taught in building a home and living the role of husband and wife. Although it hasn’t all been a bed of roses, we have overcome a lot of things and grown in areas to where we have built and continue to build a foundation that will help us stand strong forever.

Our dream is of course to walk in the path that the Lord has for us. And with each passing day we are desperate to find and follow this path. We hope for a large family and our own farm one day. And we seek for the ministry God has for us.

We ask for all of the prayers to continue for us as we grow and learn.

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