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Baby Paul!

Andy and I found out we were expecting our first blessing in January – he is expected to arrive on September 12th! We decided to name him Paul Obadiah! Things have been very busy around here since then. We have been working on his nursery and getting the “Baby Supplies” together. We decided on Peter rabbit for his room. Mom has been painting scenes on his wall’s from the books and they are looking wonderful. Still need to get the curtains made and start on his cloth diapers. We will be using cloth diapers as they are healthier for babies and I will be only Breastfeeding. We are also planning a natural delivery – we will be delivering in a hospital due to the fact that midwifes are not allowed in the state of Alabama and are therefore very hard to find 🙁 Our doctor has been so wonderful and supportive on our deciding to go natural! Still have some things we will need to purchase and make, but Andy and I can’t wait for him to get here! Please keep us in your prayers as this pregnancy is soon to be coming to a close and parenthood begins!



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10 Responses to "Baby Paul!"

  1. Angelia Angie says:

    We are getting very excited!!!!

  2. Heather says:

    Can’t wait…I do have your gift ready for you, just need to get it in the mail, if you could please resend me your address I would greatly appreciate it. Miss you both on FB:)

  3. jordan says:

    yay! I’m very happy to hear about cloth diapering, I’m pretty confused as to why hardly anyone uses them now? Strange. Are you making your own covers also? has great cloth diaper covers, that’s where I get mine. But you guys are so smart you will probably make your own. And the Medela breast pump truly saved my life! My milk didn’t come in normally and I absolutely had to pump at first. You never know. Good luck!!

    1. Erin says:

      Hey Jordan – Hope things are going well down in FL! I can’t believe how big little Liam has gotten. Mom was showing me his picture the other day! I don’t understand why others don’t cloth diaper either. It is not only cheaper, it is so much healthier for the one wearing them 🙂 I haven’t made any covers yet – I have been working on some pocket diapers right now. Mom found some PUL fabric, so I figured we will see how those do! What kind do you use?

  4. Debbie Schwarz says:

    Are you going to stay home after your baby born? My daughter want to stay home but with there income she couldn’t. she really miss being home with her daughter.but im bless watching my granddaughter.

    1. Erin says:

      Mrs. Debbie – Yes! I am at home now to stay! I know that it is hard on your daughter, but it is so good that you are able to keep your granddaughter! I will keep her in my prayers – that the Lord will provide her a way to stay home!

  5. jordan says:

    I use thirsties brand. They have all different kinds though, unfortunately I had to try different ones 🙁 it depends on the baby’s shape. I prefer the velcro, not snaps, babies are way too wiggly. I got a lot used online eBay, Amazon and such. I just bleach and or boiled them before washing. It’s unbelievably cheaper. (For the covers, the actual cloth I got new) I also LOVE LOVE LOVE Snappi, its beyond amazing. I will never do cloth diapers without it! I only bought 2 and still use them every day! Look at Snappi on utube. For your friend Debbie; my husband works a daytime job. And we really need me to work as well. I wait tables 3 nights a week once he’s home from work. Maybe she could try a schedule like that? If she’s single it may work better. Just an idea, it really does well for us, it adds 100’s a month, and my boy does not have to be in daycare.

  6. I can not wait for your little blessing to get here!

  7. Jessica Hawkins says:

    Hey!! I know you are all excited! I’m excited with you all! I hope your
    delivery goes well and have a very blessed life to come!

  8. Shay says:

    My son is nearly 5 now. Before he turned 3 we discovered The Tale of Peter Rabbit ad we’ve been hooked ever since. I even call my son Peter and my daughter cotton tail [she’s cloth diapered] and tell them not to get into mischief. Congratulations!

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