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The Flower Garden

The Flower Garden


When we first came to view this property with the real estate agent, the first thing to catch my eye was a little area between the back porch and the workshop.  It is a space about 40 feet by 30 feet.  It runs the full length of the back porch and is bordered on the north side by the deck and on the south side by the drive way.  The west side is where the shop and carport is.  EventuallyPaulwill enclose that entire area for his workshop and there will be a wall on that end of the flower garden.  I am looking forward to that because I am going to make an espalier there.  J  Of course,Paulis looking forward to it for different reasons.


When we knew that we were putting our old place on the market, I immediately began to dig special plants and take cuttings of others.  We moved probably about 100 pots and now all but maybe 15 are in the ground.  We divided hostas, peonies, iris, daffodils, etc. And they are all now safely snuggled in and beginning their new lives. 


There are many plain folks that don’t spend much time on flowering plants because they don’t produce any food but I think they do.  There is deep nourishment from seeing God’s beautiful creation and that is what I desire to develop in my flower garden. When we are all sitting outside in the late afternoon and the scent of the peonies is floating on the breeze, it brings such a sweet comfort.  I remember in the Word when Father God came down in the cool of the evening and walked with Adam in the Garden of Eden. I can imagine how they must have stopped and breathed in the scents of the glorious flowers and plants that Father God had planted there. I can imagine the colors of the roses, foxgloves, verbena and poppies and the trumpet vines that drew the tiny hummingbirds to linger there.  If I can create even a tiny little place where my husband can rest and spend time relaxing after a long day or my daughters can spend time doing their reading. Yes, there is deep nourishment indeed!!


It takes several years for a garden to mature and so it will be with this one.  I have four gardenia cuttings from our old place that are still fairly small and when they are big enough I will plant them along the railing of the back porch. They will grow there and provide lovely flowers and delicious scent as we spend time dining there.  We have 7 small leaf azaleas planted along the driveway side of the garden and it will take a couple of years before they are large enough to form the neat border hedge for that side.  The Roses are already beginning to bud and the hostas have already encircled the bird bath, but the sedum and dianthus will enlarge themselves every year and create a nice full bed of color from spring till fall. The Lilies will just increase and increase until they are a wash of color and also give me plenty of cuttings for the house!


One of the larger plants that I brought with us was a pink Native Azalea.  It is now nestled at the corner where the porch meets the deck.  It bloomed beautifully just after we moved and it seems to be thriving in its spot.  I would love to get a couple more to place around the yard and our neighbor told me that they are all over our woods, so we will have to make a digging expedition soon.  I have amaryllis, foxgloves, larkspur and iris all growing along the little pebble dry bed that runs through the flower garden.  It is actually a drainage area for when we have heavy rain, but we have filled it with small white rocks and it truly looks like a little dry creek bed now. The amaryllis are a stunning red and are blooming now.  The foxgloves and larkspur are just beginning to bud and show some color and they will be followed by the iris.  It should make a lovely display. 


There are dahlias, gladiolas, daylilies and several other items to be planted soon.  I am in no hurry though.  The planting is part of the process and I want to enjoy each and every step.  Check back often to see how things are coming along.   


Another view


April 08


Lilies are beginning to bloom.
Shasta Daisies, Viburnum, Dusty Miller, Liatris, 4 types of Lily, Peony fill this bed
The Flower Garden
Watch it grow!!


April 2008


One more viewpoint
Lilies, Viburnum, peonies

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