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People of Ceaseless Prayer

 I would like to ask you a few questions. Do you pray? Do you pray often or only a couple times a day? Would you consider yourself to be a person of ceaseless prayer?

 When you think of your day, what times would you say you pray? Do meal blessings or bed time prayers come first to mind? Is it possible that these few moments in time are really the only time we pray? Should we do it more?

 To really determine how much we should pray, we must first understand what prayer is. Webster’s Dictionary says prayer is “an address to God in word or thought”. Prayer has many different meanings. Usually we use prayer to ask God’s guidance, for answers to questions or provision for tangible things we need. But prayer is so much more than that.

 Prayer is the most powerful way to build a relationship with God. Just like when we try to build a friendship with people we meet. We call them or email them. We visit them. We talk to them. We spend time with them so that we can learn about them and build that relationship. Well, prayer is the same thing- it just works better.

A true Christian wants to be close to God. And we build that close relationship by talking to Him. Prayer is talking to and communing with Him. God should be apart of everything we do, every action, every thought, every decision we make. That is why we should be people of prayer.

Prayer is so important, whether you have a question, need direction, or have a request. Prayer is also a time for us to just commune with God. When we keep Him ever present in our minds and thoughts we will be led by Him.

 Imagine if the opportunity came for you to sin (of course, this is no strange occurrence)- If you were constantly talking with the Lord, would you take up that chance or would you think twice and leave it be? Chances are you would leave it be. When situations come, when you need to make decisions in your life whether minor or major if you were always communing with Him would He not be right there to advise and direct you?

If He tells us to seek Him, why would He not be there to guide us? But imagine if you never spoke to Him, or if you only talked to Him at meal times or bed times. Would He be there ready to lead you? Well He would be there, but you would not be listening for Him.

 Paul instructs us to pray without ceasing for many reasons. One is because, the only way to build a relationship with God is to talk to Him, AND to listen to what He has to say. Meal prayers and bed time prayers are really requesting prayers, like “please, bless this food”, or “watch over me through the night”. Tell me, when does God have time to respond during these kind of prayers?

 Allow me to state this- “Prayer builds your relationship with God!” It is a time you set aside to commune with God. It is a two way thing. It is like our telephone to Him. You talk, He talks. When we pray and pray and pray, after a while we train ourselves to hear Him. He is constantly there ready and willing to guide us through life’s path. He wants to share the good times as well as the bad time with us. He even wants to be there beside us when nothing is happening at all. When we pray without ceasing we begin to know He is with us no matter where we are~ which He is!!!!

 I don’t think people really think of Him that way. How could we ever sin if we knew He was right there beside us all of the time? I reckon that is why He said to pray without ceasing.

        Most of the time people ask me how  I go about the entire day praying. The most understandable way I can describe it is this:  Just talk to him like He is standing right there beside you. Tell Him everything. Of course, He already sees it all and knows everything you are thinking already, but He like us to share it with Him. Tell Him when your hurting or when something grand happens and remember to thank Him.

         Pray for your family. Pray for the harvest. Pray for your enemies, not that they will fall but that God will bring them around. Pray for the sinners and pray for the missionaries. Pray for your leaders. Pray for the people you work with. Pray for your husband.  Pray for your wife. Pray for your children. Pray for your parents and your grandbabies.

         When you are at the grocery store, pray for the meat cutter and the cashier. When you are at the bank, pray for the teller. When you are at Church, pray for the pastor and the members. When you are driving down the road, pray for the people in the car next to you, the reckless driver and the middle-age woman with three screaming kids in the back.

         Pray for the nurses and doctors. Pray for school teachers. Pray for the construction workers, the housekeepers and the salesman. And pray for the Church, the Body of Christ!

 Tell Him about everything and be always open to hear His response. Before too long you will realize that your conversations never stop. Now for me personally, I talk to Him out loud, and granted lot of the time people say “Ugh, what did you just say?” I talk to Him in front of people too, especially at work!

         Sometimes I will sit there and have a whole conversation right in front of people. My boss at work and me laugh at how often we do this. I will never forget the first time I heard her coming down the hall just rambling off about something, when I realized she was praying. I heard her say, “Father, you got to help me get this in order. I know you have the answers and I am ready to do whatever you want, just show me.” She turned the corner and not five minutes went by before I heard her go, “Yes that is perfect! Thank you Lord!”

         We giggle about it all the time. She will hear me say, “Hallelujah! Thank you Lord. I needed that!”. She will pop up and say, “What did He do this time.” You know when we realize God is there, concerning Himself in our every minute, there is a great comfort. We begin to not feel so alone in this world when begin to realize He is seeing it all.

 The great part is that it is a constant reminder to us to do good and to be holy. Since the first day I could ask Mom questions, Momma has always responded, “Would Jesus do it? Would Jesus want you to do that? Would Jesus approve it? If Jesus was standing right here would you do it?” Even now I find myself asking the same questions. And praying without ceasing, well, it drills it in your mind.

 Here is the thing, guys. THIS IS GOOD! We want to be lead by the Spirit. We want to make the holy and righteous decisions. We want to be lead down the right path. If we train ourselves to be people of ceaseless prayer, it will be very hard for us to fall. With Jesus standing right there, with us constantly seeking His ways, our bad choices will happen less and less.

         So today I encourage you all to be People of Ceaseless Prayer. Every moment of every day talk to Him. And learn to listen. Learn to not only pray about your needs, but to thank Him for every little thing that happens to you. Thank Him for the salt on the table, the extra roll of toilet paper in the cabinet at 2 in the morning. Thank Him for the computer you are sitting in front of right now. Even in the worst times there is something you can be thanking Him for.

 Don’t ever stop seeking Him for His will! Ask Him for guidance and wait to hear His response. He is waiting to guide you, to lead you and to be there for you. All you need to do is to reach out and He will be there. He is there—- waiting.


 God Bless, Haley


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"It is of the LORD's mercies that we are not consumed, because his compassions fail not. They are new every morning: great is thy faithfulness. The LORD is my portion, saith my soul; therefore will I hope in him." Lamentations 3:22-24

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  1. David Crossfield says:

    Dear Angelia !
    Your article on prayer is so encouraging, so edifying.
    –David Crossfield

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