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How Much to Grow For a Family of Six

Crop                          Per Person                    Total Row Feet (6 people)

Leaf Lettuce                 10 feet                                      60 feet

Head Lettuce                10                                            60

Onions                          25                                            150

Peppers                        6 plants                                    36 plants

Potatoes                      225 feet                                    1350 feet

Pumpkin                      1 hill                                         6 hills   

Spinach                       20 feet                                      120 feet

Summer Squash           1 hill                                         6 hills

Winter Squash             5 hills                                        30 hills

Tomatoes                    20 plants                                  120 plants

Cucumbers                  4 hills                                        24 hills

Beans                          80 feet                                      480 feet

Corn                           100 feet                                    600 feet

Carrots                        50 feet                                      300 feet


Amount of Seed or Transplants To Have


Beans                           2 ½ lbs

Corn                            1 ½ lbs

Carrots                         1 ½ ounces

Cucumbers                   3 ounces

Leaf Lettuce                 1 ounce

Head Lettuce                1 ounce

Onions                         450 transplants

Peppers                        36 plants

Potatoes                       112 ½ lbs

Pumpkins                     3 ounces

Spinach                        ¾ ounces

Summer Squash            2 ounces

Winter Squash              2 ounces

Tomatoes                     120 transplants


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2 Responses to "How Much to Grow For a Family of Six"

  1. cindy says:

    Thanks for this. We have a small (1000 sq ft) garden. While I’ve learned I can only grow a little in that space, this is the first time I’ve read how many plants/feet to plan for per person. How many squash plants do you put per hill?

  2. Delores says:

    Thanks for this guideline….our garden was awful this year…the critters ate it all!! So we are working on fencing and raised beds for next year – this will help us know what we need to keep on hand. Thanks Again!

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