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Getting The Weight Of A Hog Without A Scale

Getting The Weight Of A Hog Without A Scale

If you cannot get your pig on a scale, you can still weigh her by using the formula below. The formula comes within about three percent of the actual weight. The formula is as follows:


1. Girth Measurement: Take the heart-girth measurement. Your measuring tape needs to go around the body just behind the front legs and over the shoulder area. Square the result (Multiply the measurement by itself). BarbieQ’s measurement was 44″. Squared is 1936.
2.  Length Measurement: Measure the length of your pig.   Start at the top of his or her head right in between the ears and measure down to the start, or base, of the tail (not the end of the tail). BarbieQ’s measurement was 47″.
3.  Girth Result X Length: Take the girth measurement result and multiply that times the length of your pig. BarbieQ’s total was 90992.

4.  Weight Calculation: Divide this result by 400, and you’ll have a weight accurate to within about three percent. BarbieQ’s totals 227.48 pounds with about a 7 pound varience.



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