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Baked Ham

Baked Ham
I am adding this recipe in honor of our finishing with our hog BarbieQ.  She is safely processed and in the freezer.  :-)))
Get a nice bone-in Ham.  I get the full ham myself not a halved one. Also you can buy a fresh ham or a cured ham.  Here is a chart on internal temp of the different types:

Type Internal Temperature
Fresh (uncured) 170°F
Cured, “uncooked” 160°F
Cured, “fully cooked” 140°F, or serve cold if you prefer
 Preheat the oven to 325*
The first thing I do is wash the surface of the ham with cool water.  Then place it fat-side up in a roasting pan. Next I cut diagonal slices about 1/4 inch deep into the fat/meat and then slice again in opposite directions to make diamond shapes.  Then I put a clove in each diamond section.  Place the ham in a roasting pan that has a lid.
Next I use honey and mustard glaze.  Just put a 1/2 cup of honey in a small bowl and add enough mustard to make it tangy.  Brush this over the top of the ham.  You will use this as the ham bakes to baste it as necessary. (As you can see in the pictures – you can also use Orange Juice as a basting liquid.  It is really good!!)
Put the ham in the oven and bake slowly at 325ºF. Allow 30 minutes per pound for ham that has not been precooked (follow directions on label for precooked hams). After ham has completed cooking time, take ham out of oven and let stand 15 minutes before slicing. Ham will continue to bake when out of the oven and letting ham stand for 15 minutes makes it easier to carve.
Place it on a cutting board and slice it across the grain. 
We serve ham on Resurrection Morning traditionally with Macaroni and Cheese and Broccoli. 

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