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Atmosphere of the Home

 Cleaning the House and Children


 Over the years, one of the biggest requirements in my day has been housecleaning.  Having been pregnant or having small children for 19 years has made this a huge endeavor.  I do believe that the Lord provided me with the answer years ago and I would like to share it with you.  In no way do I dare to say that my house is spotlessly clean.  It is not.  However, surprise visitors do not cause me distress due to concern over the appearance of our home.  While there are times I look around, as I chat with friends in the living room, and notice a cobweb on the ceiling fan or a bit of paper in the corner for, the most part our home is presentable and pleasant.


 How is this possible?  First of all, it begins with a heart thing!  Your heart!  Your peace!  Father God has given us a desire to be welcoming.  He has placed in us the Spirit of Hospitality – granted, in some of us, this has been almost completely squashed out, due to our lack of organization in the home.


 One of the ways He has shown me is to have the children an assigned “room”.  This is not their bedroom – which is their responsibility to have clean or at least straight all the time.  Each of the girls has another room assigned solely to them.  They are responsible to keep this room clean all the time. 


Haley – Living Room


Sarah – Dining Room


Olivia – Kitchen


Erin – Laundry


 You might say – “Well, there is nothing new in that.”.  Most families assign their children chores – the difference is that our girls keep their jobs for a year.  Why does this make a difference?  It is pure logic.  In this world when a person is given a job to do they are not rotated from one department to another everyday.  They are placed in a position – trained – and then given time to perfect that task.  It should be no different in homemaking and cleaning. 


anyone working in the same job, day in and out, is going to learn the shortcuts – the tricks of the trade – the order of operations.  That is just common sense.  However, if you are only in an area for one day and then switched,  how can you possibly learn the best way to attack the situation?


 For instance, Sarah knows that at least once a week she needs to dust the top of the china cabinet and teapot shelf at the top of the room.  But she will need to clean the baseboards on the kitchen side every other day.  She has learned that the candles on the clock shelf are very easy to break and therefore must be carefully handled as she dusts there.


Olivia knows that if she doesn’t keep the pots and pans in order in their cabinet it is difficult to find the ones we need.  Therefore she must check them each evening so that they are in order for the next day’s cooking.  She also knows that the paper wastecan fills up twice as quickly as the regular wastecan and so must be emptied every day. 


 These things may be simple to read about but when you do a job every day – sometimes several times a day – what may save you five minutes here and five minutes there will eventually reduce your workload by as much as half an hour each day.  The girls have come to appreciate this way of doing things and believe me, it makes for a much smoother running household.


 And of course, I never have to say – “Who’s turn is it to clean the dishes? Who didn’t vacuum the living room?”.  There are no charts, list or schedules to keep up with and the children become much more accountable and hence, responsible.  They have also learned that if they will help one of their sisters finish a big task – like cleaning out the ‘fridge – then they will be much more likely to receive help when they need it. 


 As young as 3 years old, a child can change their own sheets and make their bed, fold towels and put up silverware and pots and pans.  They can pick up toys and wipe off a table.  It is not torture to require a child to clean up their home.  In deed, it is error, to not require a child to be responsible in helping keep their home clean.


 I hope this helps those who are struggling.  Some folks don’t want to “demand” anything of their children and then they get upset when their children don’t do the task correctly.  If you will give them the “job” they will learn how to do it and do it efficiently.










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"It is of the LORD's mercies that we are not consumed, because his compassions fail not. They are new every morning: great is thy faithfulness. The LORD is my portion, saith my soul; therefore will I hope in him." Lamentations 3:22-24

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